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Wael Kfoury's ex-wife tells of her struggle to obtain alimony for her daughters

Wael Kfoury’s ex-wife tells of her struggle to obtain alimony for her daughters

Angela Bishara, the divorcee of the Lebanese star, Wael Kfoury, has raised the controversy over the issue of alimony that she receives as a divorced woman, criticizing the procedures and shortcomings of Lebanese law for women.

She expressed her anger at the way the divorced mother was dealt with in Lebanon, regarding obtaining alimony, through pictures she published through her “Instagram Stories” feature, stressing that she suffers humiliation and humiliation every month to obtain alimony for her two daughters, Michel and Milana… She published a picture of a building and commented. On her, she said: “This building is called Malia… Today I will talk about the civil divorced mother and the method of receiving children’s alimony… I personally call it the journey of humiliation.”

She also added: “The mother goes to the civil court before 12 o’clock. Of course, she parks her car in the parking lot if her luck is good and in a place, or she wants to walk a lot to get there. She misses the court and goes down to get the alimony receipt in traffic, and she goes back to the world with the delivery of the receipt, and she waits at least half an hour for the completion of the transaction, and then she comes back by taking a receipt. Again, you go to the reception counter and are also waiting to get it.”

She asked: “Why do we misunderstand the idea in this country? (I’m not talking about everyone for sure) A divorced mother does not mean that she must be tormented, retaliated, humiliated, learned a lesson and brought up?”

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It is noteworthy that Wael Kfoury’s ex-wife caused a sensation after reviewing the value of alimony for her two daughters and mocking her for not being enough for their needs, by publishing a bank check worth 6 million Lebanese pounds, equivalent to 300 dollars.