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Wafa Salem retires from art after disfiguring her face with plastic surgery

The “Black Panther” actress talked about the failed plastic surgery that changed her features (Twitter)

The Syrian actress residing in Egypt, Wafaa Salem, announced her retirement from art, explaining that she was reluctant to make the decision, until she confirmed it and announced it.

In the first broadcast of the YouTube channel that Wafaa launched, she announced her retirement from art, and refused to talk about any of the reasons that prompted her to make the decision, indicating that she will announce, but during the next times that she will appear on her channel, which she launched specifically so that there is direct communication between her and her audience, instead of channels tv.

The actress of the movie “The Black Panther” touched on the failed plastic surgery that contributed to changing her features significantly, and explained that she was very happy with the amount of love and attention she received, and indicated that she had received a call from an Arab community in California after she published her photo and the callers explained that they had shown the photo to A medical team and that there is full readiness to perform the operation in California, and to accompany any number of escorts.

The Syrian actress, Wafaa Salem, had announced, earlier, that she had undergone a plastic surgery to lift her face, but she had failed because there were some materials that the doctor placed in her face that were supposed to dissolve, but it did not happen and remained present and caused infections and pus.

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Wafa confirmed that her acceptance of this step was to preserve her age and not to look younger, explaining that aging is a natural thing and that her son Adham is 23 years old, and she is never ashamed of that.

It is noteworthy that the Syrian actress Wafaa Salem gave her the director Atef Salem his name after her first experience with him in Egypt through the movie “The Black Panther”, which starred the late artist Ahmed Zaki, and she was able to achieve great success through the character of the foreign girl who was loved by the film’s hero, “Mohamed Hassan”. .