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أخبار العالم : مسلسلات رمضان 2023.. يسرا: انتظروا الكثير من المفاجآت فى «حمدا لله على السلامة»

Wait for many surprises in “Thank God for Safety.”

Monday, December 12, 2022 03:50 PM

Actress Yousra said that she is preparing to enter her new experience in TV drama and to be among her audience during the Ramadan drama season 2023.

Yousra Ramadan 2023 series

Yousra indicated, in statements to “Al-Dustour”, that the new series, “Praise be to God for safety,” will have many surprises that you do not want to burn at present, pointing out that the work includes a number of stars, including Shaima Seif, and directed by Amr Salah, who worked on During the last period to prepare for the new job.

She explained that the new series will be a live comedy of a social nature, and presents a different drama that she hoped would satisfy the audience during the Ramadan drama season, especially as she presents her works to them, and always wants to present different works.

The company producing the work is currently concluding the rest of the contracts in preparation for the start of filming the series, which is one of the expected works in the Ramadan season, as Shaima Seif and Muhammad Tharwat contracted to participate in the series, and the producing company is still nominating the rest of the heroes in preparation for the start of filming in the middle of the month. This December.

The star, Yousra, thanked the Red Sea Film Festival after honoring her at the opening of the second session of the festival and awarding her the Yusr Award, and said: “One of the most beautiful moments of my have the love that I felt from the stars of the Arab region who are present, but also from the stars of India who are present, especially Sharo Khan and the American stars who are present. And Europeans and from places with strong cinema and respect for art.”

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She noted that in the presence of big stars such as Jackie Chan, Shahrukh Khan, Sharon Stone, Andy Garcia and director Oliver Stone, the honor in the presence of all these great artists and all of them standing at the moment of her honor is important to her.

Source : World news: Ramadan series 2023.. Yousra: Wait for many surprises in “Thank God for safety.”