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Wait for me in Ramadan with Ghada Abdel Razek

Artist Mohamed Al-Qess


The Saudi artist talked about the scenes of the series “Family Mawdoo3” and revealed a movie that he will present with Ahmed Al-Fishawy

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It is not easy for a person to enter the hearts of the Egyptian public and interact with him, but from his first appearance he managed to make the Egyptians repeat his famous word “Habibi .. Habibi” even though the work he presents was shown on one of the platforms, but he received many positive reactions on his turn.

It is the Saudi artist, “Muhammad Al-Qess”, who confirmed in his interview with that entering the hearts of Egyptians and making them laugh is not an easy matter. Rather, he considered it a great achievement for any actor, considering that his performance of the character “Ghazi” in the series “Family Mawdoo3” is the most important certificate of honor. For him, especially since there is no compromise in the dictionary of the Egyptian public, either to accept you or to reject you.

Tell us about your entry into the artistic community in Egypt?

The truth is that I have been trying to enter the artistic community in Egypt for 12 years, until the series “Family Subject” was offered to me, and I did not hesitate to agree for a moment.. After the success of Ghazi’s character in a family matter, I discovered that the time did not come, but it is God’s measures that I be patient and persevere in continuous attempts For a period of 12 or 13 years, but our Lord will have His measures in everything, and there would come times when I would look at the sky and say to God, “Is the time not ripe?”

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How were you nominated for the job?

Director Ahmed El-Gendy sent me a one-page audition, and the character was written as a Lebanese person, but Ahmed El-Gendy put several additions to the audition, and told me this is exactly what I want, and told me that Ghazi’s nationality is Lebanese because he travels everywhere in the world.

From Avish, a family theme series

How did you find your first work with the star Majid Al-Kedwani?

I was overjoyed when I learned that I would be working with an artist the size of Majid Al-Kedwani. I was following all his work and wishing to act in front of him, which was achieved in a “family issue.” The truth is, when I met him personally before filming, I found him a generous man with his love and generosity. The first time I met him and we were talking. Together, the speech was human, he said ordinary words, but for me it was wisdom. He is great in his simplicity. I learned a lot from him, including how to prepare for works of art in Egypt.

And how was the atmosphere behind the scenes of the filming of the work?

There was no competition between the artists, the atmosphere was comfortable and full of spirituality, focus and happiness, everyone helps each other, and there is commitment and seriousness in the performance to provide the best performance for each person, everyone plays their role, so Majid Al-Kadwani discusses the details of the scene to appear in the best way, but the truth is I cannot control myself From laughter when you gather me with scenes by artist Mohamed Radwan “Ramadan Harika”. There is, for example, a scene in the car during a trip to Bulgaria. We stopped filming more than once because it used to make me burst out laughing with any word he said.

Muhammad Al-Qess

You made the audience relate to the character of “Ghazi” with the phrase “Habibi…Habibi”, so how did you come to it?

The paper is written sweetly, and Professor Ahmed El-Gendy has his own way of extracting comedy from any sentence, and of course the success of our Lord, for example the word Habibi Habibi, this sentence I heard once and did not forget, and it is based on the reality of a meeting that took place between the brown nightingale and the great artist Muhammad Abdel-Wahhab, because I am one of their lovers, and I remember that I I used to hear a recorded call between them and I found Mr. Abdel-Wahhab saying to Abdel-Halim Habibi, to be answered by The Nightingale, Habibi Habibi. I did not forget the sentence and used it. It was simple, but it became a trend.

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Muhammad Al-Qess

Although “Ghazi” is a gang leader, the audience loved him.. What is the reason, from your point of view?

Throughout the years in public art, I have loved many evil characters, so Egypt is a birth, and we can only forget, and I consider that the success of the character of Ghazi Tawfiq is from our Lord and the teamwork of the writers, director, and star teachers with whom I participated in the work, in addition to that our Lord helped me in exchange for the great effort that I made, as I said it is A collective effort through writing, directing and acting, and I was not able to present this role in this way except with the presence of a director of the size of Mr. Ahmed El-Gendy who knows what he wants to present through the character. The secret is in any writing character, and there was a triple relationship between me and the writer and director Ahmed El-Gendy. Let’s go over the details, and it is natural that during the work we find sentences and words added, and in the end the work is a collective effort.

Did presenting the character “Ghazi” in two parts of “Family Issue” make it difficult for you to choose your next roles?

The actor is always between ups and downs, and I do not take art as a battle in which I must win. Rather, I do what I can in every role, and if the role does not succeed, I consider it a lesson to learn from it. I love to work and do sweet and crazy things, but the next step will be through A series that will be shown on screens next Ramadan with the star Ghada Abdel Razek.

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Some felt that the work was a departure from the script .. How did you do this?

Sessions and suggestions took place between Mr. Ahmed Al-Jundi, Majid Al-Kadwani, and myself, too, during the rehearsal. This is a team work, and this cannot be considered a departure from the text. Yes, there were additions within the character, the scene, and the rhyme of the story and how it moves, and the departure from the text did not contain discord or we presented anything. He has no different spirit.

Is there a scene close to your heart?

All of my scenes are close to my heart, especially my scene with Majid Al-Kadwani in the first part, and also my scenes with Muhammad Shaheen, a story, because he is able to open up space on the scene to present the best for each of us, and this year there are two scenes with Ramadan, a fire that I was crying with laughter because of.

What’s new for you after Ghada Abdel Razek?

There is a movie with Ahmed Al-Fishawy, and I hope the audience will like it, and three works on a digital platform that will be shown after Ramadan.

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