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Walmart targeted a well-known rapper with a similar slogan, Kanye West Jr.

On April 21, Walmart filed opposition to the US patent line and attacked a group of Western brands. The letter said Walmart believes the logo design used by Kanye West Yeezy is confusing and similar to the well-known Walmart logo design. o kterm pe CNN Business.

Both torsos are reminiscent of the sun, and the Walmart logo is made of thick arrays resembling sunlight. The Yeezy logo has a similar effect, but its symbol is shaped by flowing arrays.

The Yeezy logo is on the left and the Walmart logo is on the right

The Yeezy logo is on the left and the Walmart logo is on the right

According to the information in the letter, Walmart attempted to communicate with the other party in July and August of last year. He decides to do it again every first month of this year, but he’s not sleeping.

So far, we have not received any convincing information from Yeezy regarding the intended use of the logo or any indication of any collaboration, as mentioned in the message.

Walmart has been using its logo since 2007, as Yeezy submitted proposals to register the logo in January 2020. Kanye West has plenty of pensions, and currently has $ 6.6 billion in assets. Most of her wealth is first tied to the industry.

According to UBS (one of the largest Swiss banks with its headquarters in Zurich) published in Norway, West’s cooperation with Adidas, along with the Gap subsidiary, is valued at $ 3.2 billion and $ 4.7 billion, respectively.