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Want a clearer Android Car screen?  This will replace the app's shortcuts

Want a clearer Android Car screen? This will replace the app’s shortcuts

An effective combination of mobile phone intelligence and a standard in-car control panel. A practical smart assistant for the driver or his assistant when driving a car (and now on a motorcycle too). As simple as possible and therefore safe to operate during operation. This is probably a brief description of the popular environment Android Auto, which has attracted a lot of users and fans in the Czech Republic as well. Google is constantly improving it, but there are already options to set up how easy the system is Adjust for better and clearer control. For example, did you know that it is possible in Android Auto Change app shortcutsWhich is then displayed on the main screen in the car?

Android Auto Explained: Replace App Shortcuts

The following tutorial is becoming more and more useful now that Google has opened access to Android Auto and other partners Third Party Applications. For example, we can have on the screen in the car (try to) or alternative music or podcast players. With a large number of items, there is an even greater need for them to be logically arranged and some have been deleted completely حذف. Of course, depending on the priorities of a particular user. Fortunately, this is easy to fix.

How do I do it?

  • Open Android Auto. You don’t have to find it on your phone as a standalone app, so use the settings search, for example. It will be among the advanced features (as in the image from the One UI extension).
  • Click Customize Launcher. It’s a somewhat oddly translated term for “launcher,” but we probably wouldn’t do anything about it.
  • For selected apps, select (No) to display On the car screen, or dial. Deleted apps will not completely disappear, they will be moved to the bottom menu “Hidden apps”.
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