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Warm hugs and kisses between Asala and Elisa. A leaked video and details of the reconciliation between them.

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homeland– Social media users circulated a controversial video clip that brought together the artists Asala and Elissa, and it was captured behind the scenes at a large concert in Riyadh, at the “Mohamed Abdo” theater, organized by the Entertainment Authority to celebrate the New Year.

Video of Asala and Elisa behind the scenes

The video, which was monitored by Watan, documented an intimate meeting between the two stars, Asala and Elissa.

And the artist, Asala, appeared in the clip, which was broadcast by the channel “LBCThe Lebanese, while embracing her colleague Elisa warmly, then holding her left hand and saying, laughing: “Come, my heart, you.”

In a next scene, a presenter from the Lebanese channel appeared to ask the star Elisa For a reason to embrace authenticity She is so respectful and highly respected.

To reveal to her that there was a small problem existing between them, and she reconciled it now: “There was a misunderstanding, and today is the New Year, and forgiveness is generous.”

Suddenly, the artist, Asala, appeared in a different look than she was known after her procedure Plastic surgery She completely changed her features, and she responded to the announcer, who asked her: “Why did you upset her, Elisa?” She said, “I apologize.”

And she continued: “Except for this girl,” referring to Elisa, “Hey, my life, my love, my partner, and our heart is similar to each other.” And she added, “We must sing, let us divide the moon, I am a text and you are a text.”

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Mohamed Abdo Theatre

It was a companyRotana“Audio-Visual has announced several days ago its readiness to hold a huge concert on the 31st of this December, at the Mohamed Abdo Theater as part of the activities of Riyadh season And to celebrate the New Year.

She pointed out that the concert will include 12 male and female singers from various Arab countries, including Elisa, Asala, Bahaa Sultan, Saber Al-Rubai and Nancy Ajram.

The company put forwardRotanaThe promotional poster for the ceremony was posted on her personal page on the famous Instagram photo site, under the title: “The largest event in 2022.”

Social media users interacted with Elissa and Asala’s reconciliation and their distinguished meeting after a long delay.

Shahd Saleh commented in this context: “It is not the savvy that you bring together Nancy Ajram, Nawal Al Zoghbi, Asala, Elissa, and Najwa Karam.. The savvy is that you bring together Angham and Asala,” referring to the escalating dispute between the two stars Asala and Angham, and Angham’s intransigence in reconciliation with Asala.

And Farah Karam commented: “We want the scenes of Najwa and Elissa.”

Another commented: “I don’t know whether I envy Elissa or I envy Asala.”

Activists praised the reconciliation that took place between Elissa and Asala today, behind the scenes of the Mohammed Abdo theater, after a misunderstanding that occurred a while ago, as Asala apologized to Elissa directly in front of the cameras.