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Warning that will shock you.. Never photograph your food and post it on social media

Warning that will shock you.. Never photograph your food and post it on social media

It has become normal to go to a restaurant for one of your meals during the day, and as soon as your delicious dish is served, and before you reach out to eat, you take out your smartphone and start taking pictures of your favorite dish to post on social media. And at the same moment, if you happen to look at those around you in the restaurant, you will find a good number of diners doing the same thing.

However, a recent study indicated that this habit is harmful to your health, and surprisingly, it makes you gain extra kilos.

A new study by the University of South Georgia has revealed that people who film their meals take longer to feel full, and even feel a greater desire for a second meal.


The researchers confirmed that sharing food photos on Instagram and other social networking sites may be harmful to your waistline and cause you to gain weight in the long run.

Billions of photos are posted on social media sites by foodies wanting to share their experience with others, and surveys have indicated that nearly 70% of millennials – those born in the 1980s and 1990s – regularly share photos of food via Internet before eating it.



Although previous studies have found that there are some benefits of sharing food pictures on social media, such as: it makes food taste better because taking snapshots makes the brain focus more on the smell and taste of food, but the new study indicates that it has a negative impact on weight gain in an unimaginable way. Live, some restaurants ban pictures on the table because they can disturb other customers and the food becomes cold.

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In the new study, researchers recruited 145 students and divided them into two groups. Both were given plates of cheese crackers to bite into, but half were asked to stop and take a picture first, and volunteers were asked to rate how much they liked it and whether they wanted more food.
The results, published in the journal Appetite, showed that those who took pictures of their food scored higher in terms of enjoying the taste.

The researchers said that taking pictures appears to alter the way the brain perceives food and increases the desire for more calories, adding that “food memories and the process of recording consumption can affect how much we eat.”

The results suggest that taking pictures increases the desire to eat, and the effects were more pronounced in volunteers who were given smaller portions – 6 crackers instead of 12.

The researchers cautioned: “Those who seek to eat smaller portions, especially tempting foods, that they want to reduce should avoid taking pictures of what they are eating.”

Now that you have read these lines, will you stop photographing your favorite dishes and posting them on social media?