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Warnings about fake updates for "Google Chrome"

Warnings about fake updates for “Google Chrome”

Users of Internet browsers Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge have received warnings about fake updates attributed to their browsers.

The technical website “Tech” stated that the fake warnings are in fact nothing but the “ransom program”, which seeks to gain access to the computer, and then asks for a ransom after blocking access to some files.

He added that the hackers used a new ransomware this time, different than before.

This news reinforces the importance of installing antivirus software on your devices, in order to protect them from malicious software that runs as soon as you click on a misleading advertisement.

And cybersecurity researchers at Malwarebytes discovered that the new ransomware is being introduced to victims’ computers through the Magnitude tool, which targets computer programs used by many, such as the “Adobe” group.

And the hacker group worked to lure users through fake updates, which helps them install malware on their computers.

Ransomware affects Google Chrome users, because it relies on the Chrome encoding, which is used to build browsers.

This virus has spread widely in South Korea, but it would not be surprising if it appeared in other places and soon after.

The problem of ransomware is global, but it is a more difficult problem for the residents of the United States, where a quarter of these programs are directed at them, according to Sky News Arabia.

To counter this problem, installing an antivirus is a good start, and make sure your Chrome updates are legitimate by looking for them in your browser’s settings.