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Warnings ... If no progress is made at the Glasgow Climate Summit the consequences will be catastrophic for the planet

Warnings … If no progress is made at the Glasgow Climate Summit the consequences will be catastrophic for the planet

World leaders are calling for decisive action on climate change at an important UN summit this year.

According to the Bloomberg News Agency, behind-the-scenes controversy among representatives of the Group of Seven (G7) – where tensions, political tensions and lack of funding hinder any progress – shows how far they have to go..

The 2021 UN General Assembly is set to begin in Scotland in October. Diplomats and ministers working towards the climate change summit fear the summit will be disappointing..

If the leaders at the climate summit in Glasgow fail to make progress, agree on measures to keep the maximum global warming target at 1.5 ° C and fulfill the $ 100 billion pledge a year to help the poorest nations adapt. Be bad for the planet, according to Bloomberg, which could have consequences“.

Among those disappointed earlier this month during the G7 summit in Cornwall, southwest England, were US President Joe Biden and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, while other leaders of the group volunteered to host the G7 summit. Further ambitious targets were asked not to be identified in relation to their personal conversations, according to officials.

During intensive negotiations in the days leading up to the summit, the leaders’ aides had drawn up an agreement to end domestic coal use in the G7 economies, already agreeing to stop funding international coal projects..

Officials expected the commitment to be particularly difficult for Japan, which has relied on coal power since the closure of nuclear power plants following the 2011 Fukushima disaster..

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However, a group of Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suka agreed and supported the idea during the talks.

It seemed that all seven countries could accept that historic pledge made in Cornwall, which would set the course for other countries in reducing fossil fuel energy..

But Biden administration officials were tense last time about the impact of domestic policy, with the White House refusing to sign the plan and then having to exclude it from the final report of the summit, citing the diplomatic note summarizing the meetings..

The United States has blocked a G7 attempt to make new passenger car sales “zero-emission vehicles” by 2030, which officials said were ready to support British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and German Chancellor Angela Merkel..

The G7 has backtracked on its goal of banning sales of new oil-powered cars by 2030.

The leaders of the rich economies who participated in the Seven Group Summits know that they have an important pledge to fulfill if they want to encourage developing countries to join in reducing emissions, namely providing $ 100 billion annually in aid to poor countries..

Here again, Biden could not keep up with new figures on the size of the US contribution, four years after former US President Donald Trump failed to spend what he needed. Seven groups agreed that each group would increase the amount it pays to pay $ 100 billion annually, but without announcing the largest amount each of them could pay..

For its part, Merkel has agreed to raise Germany to 4 4 billion ($ 4.8 billion) by 2025 to 6 6 billion annually. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has promised to double his country’s $ 5.3 billion. $ 4.3 billion), which the United Kingdom considered a significant success.

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The biggest concern for the organizers of the United Nations Climate Change Summit right now is that governments are not moving fast enough to achieve their key goals..