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Was it a punishment? The young referee explains the rules on Instagram in a fun way

“I played football for years and suffered from a knee injury when I was a teenager. This limited me for some time, and I didn’t feel very healthy in general, but I didn’t want to give up football altogether. At that time, my brother was the referee and I was very interested in him so much. After a while, I started to devote myself completely to it and I don’t regret it at all, ”says the young judge, who falls under the supervision of the Moravian Steering Committee.

Before we discuss Instagram – tell me how to handle criticism. Judges often come under fire.
Of course, criticism is part of the role of the judge and cannot be avoided. During the match, the referee makes many “critical” decisions in which he faces a wave of discontent, but he may have handled the situation correctly. However, one would appreciate it more if someone praised him after the match, for example from the team that lost. Even these miracles happen.

What are the positive aspects of the role of referee?
Although it is not a “hobby” for everyone, I can say that it has brought me a lot of invaluable experiences and experiences. The ability to act in times of crisis, stay calm, look at things from a distance and impartiality, debate properly, and explain one’s decisions.

Contribution sample from the World of Judges account

Contribution sample from the World of Judges account

You can also try explaining your colleagues’ decisions on Instagram. Is that also the reason for creating a World of Referees account?
It occurred to me that a lot of negative fan reactions often stem from misunderstanding or a lack of awareness of rules. Since the rules are constantly evolving, it is no exception that players or coaches themselves are often unsure of their interpretation. Most often this applies to commentators or former players and officials of various programs, whose opinions influence the opinion of the general public. Unfortunately, situations are not always properly interpreted, which does not contribute to the already troubled opinion about the entire football environment. It is difficult for the classic viewer to assess many situations. Not just for the average person, the referee asks a lot of questions. Should the red card come? Why did she come? Shouldn’t the video assistant referee reach? In football, unlike hockey, communication between referees is not propagated, so I try to provide insight into referees’ thinking and their assessment of positions in my profile, not just through common sense, but on the basis of football rules.

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So what will people find in your account?
Major posts on the site are UEFA tutorials. Often these are situations from last year’s European competitions, with UEFA showing its position and presenting it as the “right / ideal solution”. The contributions were created in such a way that after watching many soccer moments, I would pick an interesting position and edit a short clip. Viewers have the opportunity to rate it in the morning in “The Stories” and participate in a poll in which they vote on the right solution. In the evening, I will issue a UEFA opinion on the section under consideration and complete it with my consideration of the situation, justifying and explaining everything carefully. Other regular contributions are “facts.” These are various attractions that may not be well known to the public. Often these are things from football rules, rules of discipline and competition, and sometimes things of interest from the field. Example: A player cannot score his goal directly from a free kick.

There are few rulers in general, do you think your Instagram can act as a recruiter?
This is a huge problem that cannot be solved in the long run. There is definitely an effort to undertake recruitment events, but I cannot judge how successful it will be. Perhaps, at least in part, my site will help you. It was actually written by several people who were interested in joining our ranks.

And more reactions? What do colleagues say about your activity on social networks?
I have to knock, because the feedback is completely positive from all sides. Both from the common people, who have not encountered something similar yet, and from the judges. They often write to me that situations or profile tests have helped them with the exams that every judge has to take on a regular basis. There are about twenty of these positions on profile each week, which gives them an overview. I think it propels us all forward and that we will mainly benefit from it in the field! Generally speaking, maybe a lot of people from ‘top’ football venues don’t know that, I haven’t contacted them yet. However, two representatives of the unnamed district federations wrote to me that they recommended their governors to follow my page. I was so happy about that.

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