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Washington Ambassador: “SpaceX” launched the first satellite designed in Kuwait (video)

The space



The US Ambassador to Kuwait, Alina Romanowski, announced that the American aerospace company SpaceX launched the first satellite designed in Kuwait by orbital space, and it is called the “Kuwait Moon”.

In a tweet on Friday, Ambassador Romanowski said students will be able to send instructions to the satellite and collect data from it.

The US diplomat stressed that this event is a great example of US-Kuwaiti cooperation in space.

The Director General of the Kuwaiti Orbital Space Company, Bassam Al-Faili, announced the launch of the first Kuwaiti satellite from the Cape Canaveral space rocket launch base in Florida, USA.

Al-Faili said in a statement to the Kuwait News Agency that the “Kuwait Moon” represents a new step in Kuwait’s space journey, and aims to build Kuwaiti capabilities in designing and assembling satellites and developing communications technology via satellite.

Source: RT

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