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Washington: "It's time" to tighten international sanctions on Pyongyang

Washington: “It’s time” to tighten international sanctions on Pyongyang

The US Ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas Greenfield, said during the meeting, which was held to discuss the North Korea issue, that “United State It calls on all Member States for the full implementation of existing Security Council resolutions.”

“Due to the increasingly serious provocations of the DPRK, the United States will present a draft resolution to the Security Council to modernize and strengthen the regime,” she added. Penalties‘, which was adopted in December 2017.

Thomas Greenfield recalled that at that time, “the council decided that it would take further action in the event of an ICBM launch by the DPRK.”

And she added, “That’s exactly what happened, so now is the time to take those measures.”

Council members had voted unanimously on the draft resolution a month after its launch Pyongyang An ICBM (Hwasong-15), considered powerful enough to reach the US mainland.

Then, in April 2018, the North Korean leader added Kim Jong-un An official stamp on the moratorium on nuclear tests and the launch of long-range ballistic missiles, considering that its goals have been achieved and declaring that his country has become a nuclear state.

But he returned and personally supervised Thursday’s test, which the official news agency said was aimed at ensuring the country was prepared for a “prolonged confrontation” with the United States.

And condemned the Group of Seven andEuropean UnionOn Friday, what they described as a “flagrant violation” by North Korea of ​​its obligations under Security Council resolutions.