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Washington: This is why we will supply Australia with nuclear submarines

Washington: This is why we will supply Australia with nuclear submarines

In a new chapter of tensions between the United States of America and European countries, the first announced an alliance with Britain and Australia to establish a security partnership in the Indo-Pacific region called “Ocos”, including helping Australia to obtain nuclear-powered submarines.

Following the completion of this tripartite partnership, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced, Thursday, the cancellation of the huge agreement concluded with France In 2016 to buy diesel-electric submarines, explaining that his country decided to build nuclear-powered submarines with the help of Washington and London.

Morrison indicated, that he informed the French President, Emmanuel MacronLast June, there were real problems with the ability of conventional submarines to achieve Australia’s strategic and security objectives in the Indo-Pacific..

At a press conference by the US and Australian foreign and defense ministers, the US Secretary of State stressed that “the United States will not abandon Australia in the face of Chinese practices.”

For his part, the US Secretary of Defense said: “We will help Australia acquire nuclear submarines to improve its defense capabilities.”

As for the Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs, she confirmed that her country is working with Washington to identify challenges and common interests.

and justified Australia Cancel the initial deal with the French now, emphasizing that the option of nuclear submarine technology offered by America, was not available to it when the deal with France was concluded 4 years ago, about 43 billion dollars.

On the other hand, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian described Australia’s position as a “stab in the back”, considering US President Joe’s decision. Biden Announcing the tripartite alliance that led to the termination of Australia’s purchase of French submarines with a “sudden unilateral decision”, very similar to Donald Trump’s method.

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