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Watch.. a digital panel that includes internal images that you discover when you enlarge it

Watch.. a digital panel that includes internal images that you discover when you enlarge it

We are all used to pressing picture to zoom in when looking at an image on our smartphones, but we realize that there is a limit to how far one can go before the image becomes completely cropped.

A video of someone zooming in on an image has spread on social media, which is why the new image of Parisian artist Lucas Vascange has fascinated millions of people on social media. The more you zoom in on the image, the more the world opens up to the viewer.

The piece of art begins outside the artist’s desk and then zooms in on an image of the artist with what appears to be an apple. But as Vaskange keeps zooming in, we see there are seven more layers to the piece, and the video has been viewed on social media more than 5 million times since it was posted on July 26.

And one of the most frequently asked questions about the widget is why does it not become pixelated after a few magnifications? In response, a Twitter user named Muzammil Sharif said the artwork was not made in pixels, but using vector technology.

Eric Zed explained, “While pixels are literal blocks of an image that simulates the points on your screen, vectors are points, lines, curves, and polygons on an algebraic grid. These points, lines, curves, and basic polygons are called primitives and are the building blocks of vector art.”

Vaskange’s work excites a lot of people’s minds because they’ve never seen a piece of vector art this deep before, as it’s a brilliant use of new technology that is sure to lead to countless amazing works that will take people far beyond the second dimension.

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This work reminds some netizens of the mind-blowing Hollywood movie Christopher Nolan, which worked on the concept of dreams within dreams. This picture-in-picture artwork is causing a headache to some on social media, while others have praised the artistic value of this wonderful work.

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