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Watch .. a giant Turkish flag with 138 tons of stones (photos)

In a distinctive gesture that won the admiration of the residents, a number of Turkish gendarmerie elements drew a giant Turkish flag made of tens of tons of stones, in the state of Sivas, in central Turkey.

In the “Omranli” area in the center of the Turkish state of Sivas, 23 gendarmes collected 138 tons of stones, then painted them in red and white, before assembling them on one of the hills of the area, to form a giant Turkish flag, which impressed the residents of the area.

The information indicated that this step by the gendarmerie came in honor of two of their colleagues’ martyrs.

The residents of the region expressed their great admiration for this step, stressing the importance of the flag and its message that unites all the people and regions of the Turkish Republic, of different races, nationalities and orientations.

Turkish flag

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On April 23, 2021, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan raised the largest Turkish flag in the world, on top of “Camelica” hill in Istanbul, near the largest mosque in Turkey.

This came in a ceremony held in this regard, on the occasion of the “Children’s Day and National Sovereignty”, which Turkey celebrates on April 23 of each year.

In his speech during the flag-raising ceremony, which was attended by a number of children, Erdogan said that “the Turkish government is making efforts to develop and strengthen the Turkish Republic, which is approaching its 100th year, in various fields, and to hand it over to the future generations that will come after us.”

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“We have been fighting for 19 years to bring Turkey to the desired 2023 goals,” he added.

The length of the flagpole on which the flag was raised is 111 meters, the highest in Turkey, and it weighs about 100 tons, while the area of ​​the flag is 937.5 square meters.

The upper mast has a diameter of 75 centimeters and a lower diameter of 335 centimeters, and it is equipped with an electric motor, fan systems and anti-slip.

The flag was raised next to the Çamlıca Mosque (the largest in Turkey) located in the Uskudar district on the Asian side of Istanbul.