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Watch .. A journalist with a salary of 10 million dollars is threatened by an American hurricane

Watch .. A journalist with a salary of 10 million dollars is threatened by an American hurricane

If you type Al Roker Salary into the “Google” search box or something else on the Internet, to know what the salary of this 67-year-old journalist in New York is, you will find that most of his $70 million fortune comes from the 10 million he pumps into his pocket as an annual salary, i.e. more than 830 thousand per month, although his work in the American television network NBC is limited to the weather only.

However, “the most famous weather forecast presenter in the world,” according to what the American media describes, earns “NBC” more than what he earns, because his daily appearance on its small screen is a great attraction for advertisements, and the reason is that “Al Roker”, born to a father who was a bus driver, According to what “” read in his biography, he presents the bulletin in a professional manner that includes all the American states, and sometimes he goes out himself into the midst of winds and rains to explain to those sitting in their homes the weather and climate conditions.

Yesterday, Sunday, the holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from the State University of New York in 1976 reached the height of professionalism and global fame with what he did, as we see in the displayed video. The regions of the American southeast with strong storms, winds of 240 kilometers per hour, to explain what is happening in the field, in the air and on the ground, which is not done by thousands of weather forecast providers, most of whom are the age of one of his three children.

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One million and 675 thousand watched it in one day

We find him in the video who does not care about the danger, and does not care about the winds blowing against him strongly, at a time when he was also threatened by strong and frequent waves, any of which could sweep him back down to where the waters of Lake Pontchartrain appearing in the scene behind him, so he made many of his brave appearance And the unique videos of their own, which they broadcast on their accounts on the social networking sites.

The most famous video is the one shown above, as more than one million and 675 thousand watched it in one day, while his news turned into one of the most prominent news in international media, some of which came from the biography of “Al Roker” that he is not only a weather reporter, but a meteorologist and writer A blogger, journalist and novelist, he has won several media awards. He is also an actor. He has appeared in 40 films and series, and he does not seem to have stopped there.