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Watch a shocked terrace .. the moment of fainting, the host of her debate with Sunak

Watch a shocked terrace .. the moment of fainting, the host of her debate with Sunak

A televised debate scheduled for Tuesday between candidates for the next British prime minister was canceled after the host fainted on the air.

Rishi Sunak and Liz Terrace, one of whom will succeed Prime Minister Boris Johnson, were already in the debate on TalkTV when a crash was heard.

While the camera was on Terrace, who grimaced and said, “Oh my God,” before cutting off the transmission.

For its part, the channel later said in a statement, that the debate director, Kate McCann, “fainted on the air tonight, and although she is fine, the medical recommendation was not to continue the debate.”

The canceled debate was sponsored by The Sun newspaper and Talk TV.

McCann, the political editor of TalkTV, was also scheduled to co-host with Harry Cole, a journalist for the Sun newspaper, but he tested positive for Covid-19 earlier on Tuesday.

It is noteworthy that the incident occurred about half an hour after the start of the debate that was scheduled to extend for an hour, during which Terrace and Sunak differed over their vision for taxes, how to help families struggling with the rising cost of living, and how best to fund the National Health Service.

The two are fighting to succeed Johnson, who resigned as leader of the ruling Conservative Party on July 7, after months of moral scandals that led to a mass exodus of ministers from his government.

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