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Watch.. A Sudanese teenager drives his car backwards in the famous Van Diesel way

An exciting video clip of a reckless teenager driving his car backwards on Nile Street in Khartoum, in the manner of the famous movie star Van Diesel, and his companions, in the famous American film series, Fast and Furious, which tells the story of street racing, won hundreds of thousands of followers, and turned The exciting scene to “Trend” after it was widely circulated on social media in Sudan.

Zafa goes out

The exciting video clip documented the teenager driving his car backwards in a fairy way while sharing with his colleagues a car wedding on Nile Street in Khartoum, celebrating graduation from the university.

However, the traffic police spoiled the reckless driver’s pleasure by arresting him and taking him to the police station for investigation.

Previous traffic violations

The police said in an official statement late last night, Monday, seen by, that the arrested person used to drive his vehicle in this way, and that they arrested him red-handed for driving in reverse, in the opposite direction of the movement of vehicles on a crowded street, according to what was documented in the published video. on social networking sites.

The statement described the driver’s behavior as reckless and reckless, and considered it a disruption to the normal traffic flow and a violation of basic traffic rules, which constitutes a danger to road users and the vehicle driver himself.

The statement added that the traffic police took the necessary legal measures against the perpetrator of the violation, which is one of the rare precedents in traffic violations in Sudan.

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