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شاهد.. رائد فضاء يلتقط صورة تظهر منطقة البحر الكاريبى

Watch… an astronaut takes a picture showing the Caribbean

NASA astronaut Thomas Marshburn shared a breathtaking image taken from the International Space Station (ISS) showing the curvature of the Earth as well as part of the Caribbean. Marshburn took the photo during a spacewalk last month before sharing it on Twitter over the weekend.

In a tweet, the astronaut described the Caribbean, in its beautiful blue hues, as “a candidate for Earth’s second favorite view from space,” adding that those familiar with the Caribbean should be able to spot southeast Cuba at the bottom of the Marshburn shot, although the capital city of Country Havana is obscured by the station’s solar arrays, Digitartlends reports.

The image was taken about 250 miles above the Earth, with a wide view showing the curvature of the Earth. As Marshburn points out in his tweet, the image also includes the Japan Offshore Experience Platform, which is shown to the right of the image.

Marshburn captured the photo during his fifth spacewalk, with his previous four being during visits to the International Space Station in 2013 and 2009.

The American astronaut spent 6 hours and 32 minutes outside the station with his colleague, Kayla Barron, who was on her first spacewalk.

The two arrived at the International Space Station in November with Raja Chari of NASA and Matthias Maurier of the European Space Agency. They will stay on focus for six months and return in late April.

While astronauts aboard the International Space Station spend most of their time working on science experiments, an episodic spacewalk is also essential for station maintenance and modernization, with the unique vantage point also providing an excellent opportunity for Earth observation and photo-taking work.

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French astronaut Thomas Pesquet regularly posted amazing shots of Earth during his recent stay on the International Space Station, and he also took the time to explain what kind of planning is needed to capture the great photos.