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Watch an Indian arrested while selling Muslim women at an online auction

Watch an Indian arrested while selling Muslim women at an online auction

Cybercrime police in Mumbai arrested a woman on Tuesday, who they believe is the main suspect in handling an online app called Bulli Bali to auction off Muslim women. It also arrested a young man the day before, she did not mention his name, but only that he is 21 years old and studies information technology, and grew up in the city of “Bangalore” in southern India. As for the arrested woman, she was accused of publishing pictures of 100 Muslim women, with insinuations that one of them was for sale through a public auction.

The electronic police had earlier submitted a preliminary media report against unknown persons, after complaints that pictures of Muslim women had been uploaded to an application used by a platform known as GitHub to sell them in retail via an online auction, according to what Al reported from the newspaper website. The New Indian Express English language India, as reported by agencies, reported that the platform’s custodians have taken down the “Poly Bali” app after they deactivated it, due to heavy criticism of its content, and the outrage it caused.

The application includes pictures of a number of Muslim journalists and activists, in addition to a picture of a famous actress, without the permission of any of them, and then the word “for sale” was published next to the pictures to make it look like a real public auction to sell one of them to those who pay more, the second time Muslim women are harassed In India the same way.

And the first was, when a site called Sulli Deals last year published the real pictures of more than 80 Muslim women on the communication sites, and used the expression “deals of the day” in reference to the possibility of selling one or more of them, then it became clear that there was no real intention for the actual sale, and that the purpose It was only insulting to Muslim women.

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Although more than 6 months have passed since the police investigations about the first attempt, it did not result in anything, and did not lead to the arrest of any of those involved, unlike the new attempt, and regarding it, the police said that it had opened an investigation about “Polly Bali” in at least 3 states, after Complaints she received from Muslim women affected.