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Watch .. "Antar" is the first character of an Arab "superhero" to be released to the world

Watch .. “Antar” is the first character of an Arab “superhero” to be released to the world

In the presence of Sheikha Dana Al-Sabah and a crowd of film makers, stars and public figures, Vision 3000 announced the launch of the first anthropomorphic of her fantasy character “ANTAAR”, a character belonging to the category of superheroes, but it is characterized as carrying the genes of a legendary hero known for Arab poetry, courage and strength derived from our rich Arab history. .

Presenting the ceremony, the media, Heba Al-Haidari, said: “Some of you may wonder about the importance of presenting today an Arab superhero to the world, and this is what tonight’s speakers and our party guests who came from different countries of the world will reveal to us to participate in this concert.”

Standing behind this huge project is a man who believed in this idea, which was just a dream, and was able with his determination and will to turn this dream into a reality and reality.. He is the owner of the golden voice, Dr. Salim Al-Dhahabi, General Manager of Vision 3000, who said in his speech: “We all know the saying “The American Dream” “But today, with the great development witnessed by the United Arab Emirates, there has become an “Emirati dream” and because we are today on the land of the impossible, we have chosen to launch this ambitious project coinciding with the celebrations of the Golden Jubilee and the beginning of the year of preparation for the fiftieth year.” Al-Dhahabi explained the details of choosing this character, explaining that “ ANTAAR “revealing that he is the son of the well-known poet Antaar bin Shaddad, whom no one could confront until they killed him with a poisoned arrow, so he left his will to his son through one verse of poetry.. From here begins the story of ANTAAR, who will complete his father’s career, and Al-Dhahabi added: “The superheroes have achieved over the course of the year. The years have been great successes socially, artistically and economically, and that is why we thought that it was time to launch an Arab personality that interacts with our future generations who resort to international personalities in the absence of our Arab personalities.”

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Miss Britain Lynn Cliff gave a speech in which she said that she was happy to come and support this creative artistic ceremony in the UAE prior to its launch to participate in the Beauty of the World competition early next month. This character will enjoy great and global success as long as those behind him carry all this passion and love for their work and dream of excellence and success.”

Mrs. Sherine Yaghi presented evidence, strategic figures, and marketing of this work, presenting the successes of similar personalities over the long years, and stressed that investing in cinematic films for superheroes always achieves success because the audience follows with high interest this type of films, pointing out that the cinematography that will see the light in the year 2023 will be the first of the films in an uninterrupted series.

At the end of the ceremony, Dr. Salim Al-Dhahabi revealed the first anthropomorphic ANTAAR, which reached 2.5 meters in length, which won the admiration of the attendees, before some personalities were honored on the sidelines of this ceremony.