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Watch Antarctica from space

Watch Antarctica from space

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The globe contains the South and North Pole, which are a large mass of frozen ice in the form of Antarctica and Antarctica, which are the two coldest regions on the surface of the Earth, but the images of these two continents differ from space, specifically the image of Antarctica from space, frightening for many People are the coldest, windiest and driest regions on the planet’s surface than the North Pole.

The Antarctic region is shared by 12 countries, with a population of less than 5,000 people, the majority of whom live in research centers, and the lowest temperature recorded was minus 89 degrees Celsius, and polar bears live in the Arctic and do not live in the South, and penguins on the contrary live in the Antarctic. Not in the North.

Although the Earth loses 1.2 trillion tons of ice annually, scientists estimate that it will take 5,000 years for the entire polar ice to melt, and it will lead to a sea level rise of 75 meters, and many coastal cities, islands and some countries, such as Alexandria, London, will be completely submerged. Mobay, Sydney and it will also disappear from the map and billions of people will be forced to migrate to other areas, the salinity of the water will weaken, which will eliminate most marine life, and famine and crimes will spread, this is what scientists expected during the past years as a result of global warming and climate changes.

Scientists say that there is no need for the ice to completely melt to cause a problem. It is enough for the sea level to rise a few meters to flood the ports and some coastal cities, which will create economic crises and make hundreds of millions homeless around the world and will raise the cost of food and living. Of course, the weather at that time will have spoiled an important part of the suitable land for cultivation.

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