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Watch Hoda Al-Mufti, the victim of “Ramez Movie Stars”: A star without history has landed from Mars

Watch Hoda Al-Mufti, the victim of “Ramez Movie Stars”: A star without history has landed from Mars

This evening, Sunday, the artist, Hoda Al-Mufti, was a guest of the artist, Ramiz Jalal, on his program “Ramez Movie Star”, which is shown on the “MBC Egypt” channel, and he received her, as usual, with a break of irony in which he said that she had become a star even though she had no history, as he mocked at her clothes.

Hoda Al-Mufti – Photo from her Instagram account

Ramez Jalal received Hoda Al-Mufti with a sarcastic introduction, saying: When you were buying a watermelon, you did not know how to enter it from the door of the house, but now you can put it in your pocket as normal, the same thing happened in the field of art, when the artists were full of terrain and full of curves, but now the terrain is non-existent .

He continued, saying: Huda Al-Mufti has an innocent childish face and a slim body from the effects of accursed, the kind who has no history, the star who landed on us from Mars.

Ramez Jalal commented on the artist’s clothes, Huda Al-Mufti: “A beautiful woman from the Canary Islands, dressed in the fashion of you and may God unravel, a canary jacket and Umm Kulthum’s glasses in You are my life.”

And he said: What are the treadmill pants that he brought with her dressed neatly on her leg?

And when she refused to put on the make-up of the scene, he said: “Your night is blowing.” She responded to the announcer’s question about the reason for her participation in the film with Van Damme, so Ramez replied, “I took a lot of money.”

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When she revealed that she is 160 centimeters tall, he commented: “Rejoice, Henedy, that you have found your height.”

Hoda Al-Mufti collapsed as soon as she started filming her scenes with Van Dam, but the real shock was when Ramez Jalal revealed his face, and she tried to beat him, but he threw him to the ground, and quickly gave up and agreed to show the episode.

The idea of ​​the program this year revolves around hosting a group of famous art and sports, after deceiving them by filming an advertisement or a scene in a movie, so that the victims are exposed to many adventures that cause them to panic. In the hands of Ramez Jalal, who wears a mask on his face, with the participation of international artist Van Damme.

Ramez Jalal has been famous for presenting prank programs in Ramadan since 2011. He previously presented programs: “Ramez Qalb al-Assad”, “Ramez Fox of the Desert”, “Ramez Ankh Amoun”, “Ramez Shark al-Bahr”, and “Ramez Wakil Air”. , “Ramez is playing with fire”, “Ramez is underground”, “Ramez is under zero”, “Ramez is an official crazy”, and “Ramez his mind flew”.

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