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شاهد.. تمثال سيد درويش لـ"جابر حجازى" قبل إزاحه الستار غدا

Watch.. Sayed Darwish’s statue of “Jaber Hegazy” before the curtain is unveiled tomorrow

Finally, after a long wait, the statue of the artist Khaled Zikr will appear Sayed Darwish Which was gifted by the family of the late artist, Dr. Gaber Hegazy, on Sunday at the Centennial of Sayed Darwish Theater in Alexandria .

And he said about the plastic critic, Salah Bisar, through his official page on the social networking site Facebook, the late artist Dr. Gaber Hegazy “1936-2016”, professor and former head of the sculpture department at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Alexandria, who has his own expressive language in the art of sculpture and his works varied between an academic touch And abstract works, and the material varied in his world in connection with the environment and the Egyptian heritage, from hard stones to wood carving.


The opening ceremony ceremony begins with festive appearances outside the theater and includes performances of military music, the Egyptian opera group for chamber music, the unveiling of the statue of Sayyid Darwish and accompanied by photo projections on the front of the stage, followed by the opening of the artist Khaled Hanno’s exhibition in the main hall of the theater, after which the audience moves to the theater, Where the documentary film 100 Years of Creativity is shown and tells the history of Sayed Darwish Theater and the most important performances it hosted, then the Minister of Culture received her speech and honored 21 figures from the city of Alexandria who made distinguished contributions to the theater, they are businessman Ismail Al-Habashi, plastic artist Khaled Heno, artist Samir Sabry The name of the example is Dr. Jaber Abdel-Moneim Hegazy, the creator of the statue of Sayed Darwish, the artist Ali Al-Jundi, the professor of folklore, Dr. Abu Al-Hassan Salam, the professor in the theater department at the Faculty of Arts, the Qardahi family, the pioneer of ballet art, Dr. Wadoud Faizi, Major General Mohamed Al-Sharif, the Governor of Alexandria, and Maestro Abdel Hamid Abdel Ghaffar Conductor of the Alexandria Opera Troupe for Arabic Music and Singing, Maestro Dr. Nevin El Mahmoudi, Conductor of the Alexandria Opera Orchestra and Strings, Maestro Jihad Daoud, founder of The Alexandria Opera House, Maestro Yasser El-Serafy, Sami Fathallah – the name of the late engineer Abdel Rahman Nassar, the name of Muhammad Al-Bahtimi, members of the Board of Trustees of Sayed Darwish Theatre, Eng. Arabic calligraphy and one of the oldest workers in the theater, Moussa Khalil Hassan, one of the veterans of the stage, followed by an artistic evening that includes a bouquet of lyrical works by Morsi Jamil Aziz, whose centenary coincides with the celebration of the 100th anniversary of his birth, during which he collaborated with great composers, including our curtains. Silk, he guides you and pleases you, his eyelashes, we will not deprive you of age, that is, by God, sweet, precede me, my heart, your love is fire, as for Brah, I lie to you, from my love for you, my neighbor, the biography of love, why, my heart, why, a thousand and one nights and music melody On the Nest of Love.. Performed by Nada Ghaleb, Walid Haider, Ahmed Effat, Mai Farouk and Qanun player Afaf Shoukry.

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