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Watch the beautiful daughter of Iman al-Bahr Darwish.. This is what she responded to the rumor of her father's enforced disappearance and arrest

Watch the beautiful daughter of Iman al-Bahr Darwish.. This is what she responded to the rumor of her father’s enforced disappearance and arrest

The wish of the sea raised Darwish, the daughter of the Egyptian singer Iman Al Bahr Darwish, a state of controversy, in the last hours, and its name was issued by search engines, after it was confirmed via “Facebook“, that her father is in intensive care, and she denied all that is being raised about his arrest.

This made a group of active accounts on social networking sites, circulating a picture of her with her father, and many interacted with that circulated picture, wishing the daughter happiness in her life, and her father a speedy recovery.

This was revealed by Umniah Darwish, the singer’s daughter Iman Al Bahr Darwish About transferring her father to the intensive care unit in a private hospital after suffering a new health crisis.

Umniah wrote, through her account on the social networking site:FacebookA post in which she said: “And the Prophet, O people, no one is empty and there is no need to do. He enters writing an arrest.” Iman Al Bahr Darwish Where is the faith of the sea.”

She added: “My father is fine and is not under the control of anyone, and no one is detaining him, but he is in intensive care because he suffered a setback, so instead of wasting time in any words they called for him.”

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One of the lawyers had submitted to the Attorney General, Hamada Al-Sawy, and the Supreme State Security Prosecution, against the Egyptian singer Iman Al Bahr Darwish In a statement accusing him of “insulting the state’s apparatus with obscene words and blasphemous signs.”

And over the past hours, the artist’s name was issued Iman Al Bahr Darwish Google Arabic search indicators and various trends social mediaAfter he came out to his fans with a package of statements containing many abuses, he concluded with what the Syndicate of Musical Professions described as “disgraceful.”

The Council of the Syndicate of Musical Professions confirmed that the Egyptian singer Iman Al Bahr DarwishHe is still a member of its general assembly, and has not been dismissed for 8 years, as reported on some websites, explaining that the violation that was issued by him will be discussed.

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