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شاهد: أجمل رسمات العيون الجريئة لعروس 2023

Watch: The most beautiful bold eye designs for the 2023 bride

The 2023 bride’s eye makeup is bold and distinguished, and it guarantees brides a radiant look that keeps pace with the latest and most prominent 2023 bridal makeup trends. International fashion shows for this season.

Pink-violet metallic eye makeup

Based on international fashion weeks, it is clear that pink and violet will be the most prominent makeup fashion in 2023, and the bride’s makeup will not be far from them, as you can shine with a bold metallic bride’s eye makeup, which mixes pink colors on the fixed eyelid, the eye cleft and under the eyebrow, and the violet color Light on the entire moving eyelid, with thick and long false eyelashes, giving you deep and attractive looks.

Bold dramatic bridal eye makeup

The 2023 bride’s eye makeup fashion is not limited to vibrant and light eye shadows, as dark colors will play a major role during this season. Strong, over the upper eyelid and under the eye.

Bold smokey eye makeup

And if you are a fan of smoky eye makeup, and you want a bold and strong bridal look, you can adopt a bold smoky eye makeup, in black at the outer end of the upper eyelid, the outer corner of the eye, and under the lower eyelid, along with light gray eye shadow at the inner end of the upper eyelid and the watery eye. To enhance the beauty of smokey makeup, use thick and prominent false eyelashes.

Bold pink bridal eye makeup with drawn eyeliner

The pink color cannot be absent from the bride’s eye makeup styles in any season, and it will be the most prominent choice for the 2023 bride’s makeup, as you can shine with a bold, matte dark pink eye makeup over the entire upper eyelid, while highlighting the eye and making it more spacious and voluminous through Adopting a thin eyeliner drawn upwards, extending from the teardrop to the outer corner of the eye.

Bold bridal eye makeup encrusted with crystals

For a dazzling look on your wedding day, you can give up the strong and sharp eye shadows, and replace them with a soft eye shadow that is close to your skin color and several layers of mascara only, and decorate the eye contour with small crystal beads. This makeup style is soft and bold at the same time, and guarantees a breathtaking bride look.

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