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Watch .. The oldest water clock confirms the genius of the Egyptians for 3 thousand years

Watch .. The oldest water clock confirms the genius of the Egyptians for 3 thousand years

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The marvel of ancient science, according to the choice of scientists, is a water clock and a technological device for measuring time. It is not only the oldest water clock in the history of civilizations, it remains for us from the ancient world, but its recent re-examination and study provided the explanation and the reason why the Egyptian clock became the master of time measurement for more than three thousand years in the world. , as it turned out to be evidence of the Egyptians’ knowledge of the principles of physics, specifically the science of fluid dynamics (the science that deals with the study of the flow and paths of liquids and gases).

The Egyptians invented two types of water clocks, outflow clocks (including this clock, which is the oldest) and inflow clocks, in addition to their invention of the first solar sundial. In Karnak, the Egyptian city of Thebes (currently Luxor), it was proven that it was concealing in its design a physical law that had not been reached in Europe until the seventeenth century by the Italian physicist (Evangelista Torcelli).

This Egyptian clock was 3500 years ago and the first embodiment of this physical law that describes and controls the flow of fluids from a hole in a bowl. Any shape of the watch bowl would have entered the measurement of time in such a way that the measurement would be disturbed after the height of the liquid in the bowl descended.

It is fast in the beginning and slows down when the height of the liquid decreases, but the Egyptian inventor, after experiment and test, came up with what is known today as Torricelli’s Law, which says that the relationship between the speed of flow and acceleration and the height of the liquid in the container is a direct relationship. The minus cone of the clock is equal to the velocity of flow and the amount of fluid leaving the vessel of the clock with the constant decreasing pressure and decreasing fluid, which practically fulfills the principles of the law formulated by (Torcelli) after the Egyptians achieved it in clock engineering three thousand years.

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This is the secret of the survival of its technology and its effectiveness, which was adopted by the Greeks, Romans and Arabs, until it was replaced by a mechanical watch in the Middle Ages. Old.