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Watch the trailer for the Egyptian film "Feathers" participating in the Cannes Film Festival

Watch the trailer for the Egyptian film “Feathers” participating in the Cannes Film Festival

Thank you for reading the news about Egypt’s film “feathers” to participate in Cannes Film Festival, and now with the details of the news

Cairo – Samia Sayed – The company producing the Egyptian film Feathers, directed by Omar El-Zohairy, released the trailer of the film in conjunction with the participation of the work in the Cannes Festival, where the festival is witnessing its world premiere, as part of the festival’s International Critics Week competition.

“Rishes” is the first feature film directed by Omar Al-Zuhairi, co-written with scriptwriter Ahmed Aam. It presents the story of a mother who lives in the confines of her husband and children, a life that does not change and days are repeated between the walls of the house that she does not leave and does not know what is going on outside. One day, a sudden change occurs and her husband turns into a chicken. During the celebration of the birthday of the youngest son, the magician errs and loses control and fails to return the husband, the husband who was managing every detail of this family’s life, this violent transformation forces this dormant wife to take responsibility in search of solutions to the crisis and recover the husband, and tries to survive what is left of her small family, and during these difficult days the wife undergoes a cruel and absurd change.

24 films are competing in the Cannes Film Festival, including the opening film Annette And the Algerian film on your image, in addition to 22 films to complete the competition between them for the Palme d’Or of the festival, one of the highest international cinema awards.

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The competition is witnessing the participation of a film Ahed’s kneeDirected by Nadav Lapid, and a movie Benedita Directed by Paul Verhoeven, the film is about the suffering of a nun in 17th century Italy, and stars Charlotte Rampling, Lambert Wilson, Virginie Evira, Daphne Patakia, Olivier Rabourdin, and Clotilde Curau.

He also shares a movie Cabin No. 6 Directed by Juho Kosmanen, and a film driving my car Directed by Ryosuke Hamaguchi, and Everything went fine Directed by Francois Ozon, director and actor Sean Penn competes in the competition with his filmفيلم science day The film revolves around a father who leads a double life, as he works in the field of fraud and theft in order to support his daughter.

It also competes in the official competition film France It is directed by Bruno Dumont, and French Dispatch Which revolves around a group of journalists who work at the headquarters of an American newspaper located in a fictional French city during the twentieth century, which brings to life a group of stories published in it, directed by Wes Anderson and starring Bill Murray, Lea Seydoux, Saoirse Ronan, Willem Dafoe and Adrien Brody and Kate Winslet.