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Watch the unexpected end of the Ukrainian refugee kidnapped the heart of the British

Watch the unexpected end of the Ukrainian refugee kidnapped the heart of the British

After their story spread and the networking sites were buzzing with it, no one would have expected that the “strong” love relationship that gathered Ukrainian refugee in Britain The abandonment of his family for her ends quickly and tragically.

Over the course of several months, the name of the Ukrainian refugee Sofia Karkadim (22 years), made the headlines of foreign newspapers after the abduction of the British Tony Garnett from his wife, and the matter now ends with him expelling her permanently, abandoning her and even asking the police for her.

Surveillance cameras documented the Ukrainian refugee Sofia Karkadem kicking the door of the house of the 30-year-old Briton, who left his wife to escape with the Ukrainian to a rented house in Bradford, a city in West Yorkshire in northern Britain.

ukrainian and british refugee

ukrainian and british refugee

The British refugee had been repeating for hours behind the door of the British security guard, “I love you, Tony,” but he did not hear her and called the police because of her many screaming and trying to break his door, but he did not open the door for her and called the police.

Indeed, the British police came and arrested her as she attacked her lover’s house, according to a report published by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

British police arrested Karkadem, and ordered her to stay away from Tony Garnett, who ended their four-month relationship.

The British commented on the end of his relationship with the Ukrainian: “I do not want to communicate with her anymore, and I blocked her number, but she came to the house trying to attack and convince me to return, so I called the police so that she would not be exposed to me, and I want to restore my children and my whole family.”

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For her part, the British man’s wife commented to the newspaper “The Sun”: “I knew it would end in disaster for them, but I didn’t think it would come after only four months, and it is difficult for me to sympathize with him or forgive him even after a million years.”

Sofia was a guest at the home of Garnett and his ex-wife on May 22, after sympathizing with her humanitarian condition, which led her to flee from the city of Lviv, Ukraine, due to the Russian military operation.

The blonde girl succeeded in kidnapping the heart of Garnett, who is the father of two children from his wife, and ran away with her, leaving his children and his home, and decided to marry her.

And less than two months after it sparked the controversy, the British revealed that his lover, Sophia, had “partial blindness” as a result of catching an eye infection on her way to the United Kingdom from Germany, and she had to undergo an operation that took her leaving for 6 months.

British man Tony Garnett commented on what happened to his mistress that he would give up his shift work at a security company working on the British metro to become a full-time caregiver for Sophia.

Earlier, Karkadem announced that she was not responsible for the breakdown of the relationship of her British sponsors, adding: “I loved the family and spent a lot of time with Lorna and tried to help her improve her relationship with her husband, because her doubts were persistent, which led me and Tony to close.”

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