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Watch the video.. Maha Al-Masry recalls the memories of a house in which she filmed the series "The Four Seasons"

Watch the video.. Maha Al-Masry recalls the memories of a house in which she filmed the series “The Four Seasons”

The Syrian artist participated Maha Al-Masry, A video of the house where the series “The Four Seasons” was filmed 22 years ago.

Maha Al-Masry wrote in her comment on the video, which she shared on her official Instagram account: “The Four Seasons… unforgettable memories.”

Maha’s fans and followers interacted with her post, expressing their love for that work, and their follow-up to it every time it was shown on screens and on their own devices as well.

While some expressed their opinion of the warmth of that family, touching its problems and its stances on the life of every family in the world, not only in Syria.

And Maha Al-Masry spoke in a previous interview with her, via the “Insider in Arabic” program, about her experience in the work, where she said: “When the text of the work is very beautiful, and the dialogue in it is sincere, then it will definitely reach the hearts of people.”

She added, “The action figures are characters present in every family, and the details touched every person, so he was close to the people.”

And she continued, talking about the work: “We were really a family, and the love between us was clear on the screen.”

Maha also expressed her happiness when the name of this work was mentioned in front of her, because it is associated with many memories for her.

It is noteworthy that the series “The Four Seasons” is a Syrian social television work, consisting of two parts, the first part of which was produced in 1999 and the second part in 2002, and the series dealt with the daily life of a Damascene family, and the family relations that bind its members. It was written by Dalaa Al-Rahbi and Reem Hanna, directed by the late Syrian Hatem Ali, and starring a large number of stars, including Milad Youssef, Rami Hanna, Rabab Kanaan, Dima Bayaa, Khaled Taja, Nabila Al Nabulsi and others.

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