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Watch what the Kuwaiti Shams does in sexy clothes with Khaled Youssef - Watan

Watch what the Kuwaiti Shams does in sexy clothes with Khaled Youssef – Watan

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homeland– Egyptian media published pictures from the scenes of filming the series “Sarah Al-Batea”, which witnesses the return of the famous Egyptian director Khaled Youssef after a long absence, and the pictures documented the appearance of the artist. Kuwaiti sun in location photography.

And “Youssef” chose Shams to play a role in his series, which he is preparing for the upcoming Ramadan season, after many artists apologized for working with him, especially Egyptian artists, for fear that their names would be associated with him after his recent sexual scandal with Mona Farouk and Shema Al-Hajj.

With a sense of the images that (Watan) monitored, the Kuwaiti actress attended the filming site of the series, which brings her together for the first time with the controversial Egyptian director, and it is scheduled to be shown during the next Ramadan race 2023.

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And Shams appeared with a sexy look, wearing a sexy black dress that greatly highlighted her charms.

The artist, who accepted to work with Khaled Youssef, appeared and expressed her great happiness with this step, with long black hair, in contrast to her short brown hair.

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A few days ago, Shams Al-Kuwaiti, accompanied by Khaled Youssef, and Tunisian artist Rania Al-Toumi, appeared during the closing ceremony of the 44th Cairo International Film Festival.

And the Kuwaiti artist had previously announced that she would join a major drama in Ramadan 2023, directed by Khaled Youssef.

And she said in a tweet, accompanied by a picture of her on the plane: “A female traveler on a very important business trip. The largest Arab drama project will soon be with the great director, Professor Khaled Youssef. Pray for us.”

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Shams received many expressions of ridicule, as soon as she announced this joint work, by activists on Twitter.

The tweets included clear indications that the incident of pornographic clips would be repeated, with the Kuwaiti Shams.

Shams Coiffure raises controversy

It is worth noting that before Yumin, the aforementioned artist also sparked widespread controversy in a video with her hairdresser, who felt her hair in a strange way.

Shams published the video herself via “Rails”, on her official account on “Facebook”.

And Shams was sitting in a top that exposed her chest and shoulders, while she was talking to the hairdresser, and she said: “Ali Ismail, do you cut me? A shortage of limbs.”

The hairdresser answered while feeling Shams’s hair: “What tomorrow for the festival and the look we are going to make?”

And the Kuwaiti actress asked him: “What is the look?”, To which he replied: “Tomorrow we are going to make a princess.”

Kuwaiti Shams raises controversy in a video with her hairdresser touching her (witness)

It turned out that the hairdresser was sitting next to Shams, and she answered him sarcastically: “The Babylonian princess.. princesses before their hair was short. I have 25 hairs.

Shams was attacked by her followers because of the video, confirming that they thought he was her hairdresser, transgender.

The followers denounced Ismail’s touching of Shams in this way, stressing that she is not innocent, according to their description.