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watchOS 8 se zaměří na zdraví, sport a fotografie

watchOS 8 will focus on health, sports and photography

Many of the features of the operating system recently introduced by Apple revolve around health. A smartwatch is the closest of all electronic devices to the user and can be used to monitor health with the help of a number of different sensors. For example, the new design has a breathing app that should also put you in a positive mood with optimistic quotes. However, more important is the improved sleep monitoring, which makes better use of sensors to monitor your breathing for example. They will notify you if there are irregularities or other problems.

Another task of smart watches is to motivate their owners to exercise. Not only by monitoring performance metrics, he will also act as a virtual coach. You can now practice tai chi or Pilates with the help of your Apple Watch, both of which should relieve stress. Apple Fitness Plus has also been improved – in addition to the new workout, it also offers special playlists.

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watchOS 8 will also provide better workflow with custom disc creation. According to Apple, people often choose photos of their loved ones as wallpaper. The novelty will help you identify and adjust it on your watch and move it around effectively as well.

Apple Watch

You can then view and share photos directly on the watch. This is followed by better text input, and in addition to dictation, you have the opportunity to write with your finger on the screen, easily edit the inserted text, and of course there should be a wide selection of emojis.

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