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Water battles erupted between Kyrgyzstan and Tikstenu. This situation left at least six people dead

Pike The conflict between Kyrgyzstan and Tikist, which erupted over a water source on the border, resulted in the fewest deaths and injuries. The city reported gunfire and mortar shells. The clashes continued until the end of the day, and at a later time representatives of the two countries announced the prime minister and a soldier from the region, according to the Associated Press.

The situation on the border between Kyrgyzstan and Tiddik is out of control. The staining continues, as described by two Interfax agents, Marvshan Tulagiev, deputy governor of the Kyrgyz region. Kyrgyzstan Portal Cactus deployed weapons that somehow: a wolf broke out. An operation video shooting from automatic weapons.

According to Central Asia News Server Fergan, the two countries are rising from the outbreak of conflict between their borders. The dispute concerns control of water in the Isfara River. Water reserves are now located on both sides.

According to Fergana, the row began in the middle with a camera that Tedeschi attached to an electric street lamp. At first she lied with the words, then the stones, then the bullets, as the servant wrote. According to the Czechs, the Kyrgyz soldiers began to fight, and according to the Kyrgyz fire, the border guards began to shoot.

Later centuries spread to delimit boundary lines. The Kyrgyz border guards accused the forces of setting up their checkpoints and responded with a week-long occupation.

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RIA Novosti agency wrote that thanks to three deaths in the world, it indicated that the local mayor was injured. According to Agence France-Presse, the Kyrgyz Ministry of Health has reported at least three deaths and 48 injuries. The advertisement stated that one of the victims was a child, born in 2008 and who died on the way to hospital.

The Associated Press wrote on the first floor that at least three people were killed and their paintings damaged. Ria Novosti agency said that Tikina was injured and a local mayor thanks to three deaths in the world. Kyrgyzstan has reported one person killed and 16 in his country.

The borders between the two Central Asian states have been turbulent for a long time and the variations are not uncommon. Since the Soviet era, it has not been precisely defined and in many cities the inaccessible network is difficult to access. In addition to the border incident, disputes over water and land broke out between Kyrgyzstan’s cotton farmers and traditional livestock herders, and ministers from the two countries later said, according to Reuters, that they had agreed on the prime minister and the military in the region. I want to resolve the conflict through diplomacy. Kyrgyz President Sadir Abarov announced earlier that the government had acted in an unusual way regarding the border situation and had participated in a working group to settle the conflict.