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Ways to recover deleted photos from WhatsApp

Many users of the famous “WhatsApp” application may intentionally or unintentionally lose photos that were sent in chat with friends, and this means that these photos are no longer present on the smartphone, and therefore it is difficult to find them again.

Therefore, many people may ask about ways to recover deleted photos from “WhatsApp”, as the “WhatsApp” application is one of the most used social networking applications by many in the world; This is because it is characterized by the ease of sending and receiving pictures, and short and long text messages at high speed.

According to technology experts, there are many ways in which photos that have been deleted for any reason can be recovered from “WhatsApp” again.

Ways to recover deleted photos from “WhatsApp”

1- Restore the backup

Restoring from a backup is one of the most popular ways to recover deleted photos. It allows you to retrieve all your media, data, and photos without any complications, in case they are lost for any reason.

From here it becomes clear that it is necessary to activate the backup feature on Google Drive, then go to WhatsApp to adjust Settings, then Chats, then click on the Chat Backup copy.

Also, you should check the time of the last backup on the Last Backup app; Because if the timing of the backup was before the photos were deleted, you will not be able to recover them again this way.

2- Check the “WhatsApp” folder on the phone

Checking the WhatsApp folder on the phone is also one of the best ways to recover deleted photos from WhatsApp. As soon as the “WhatsApp” application is installed on the smartphone, a folder is automatically created on the phone’s internal memory with the name “WhatsApp”.

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This folder contains all the files that were sent or received on the application. Where you can find photos and videos that have been previously shared in all chats with friends.

You can access this folder by:

• Open the default file management application on the phone.

• Then open the Internal Storage.

• Then you open the “WhatsApp” folder.

• Then open the Media folder, in which there is a folder called WhatsApp Images, which includes all the images that others have sent you, and in the same folder you will find another folder called Sent, which includes all the images that you have shared, and in this way the images are restored after deleting them from “WhatsApp” .

3- Using the iMyFone Chat Back program

Using the iMyFone Chat Back program is one of the best ways to recover deleted photos from WhatsApp, as it is highly efficient in recovering deleted files quickly in addition to photos and videos that were deleted from WhatsApp, whether the operating system (iPhone or Android).

To do this, you must download the ChatsBack program on the computer, then choose the mode that suits your need from among the modes in the main interface, and after the completion of the scanning process, all recoverable WhatsApp data will be displayed again, and thus you can recover deleted photos from “what’s up”.

4- Use the deleted file recovery application

Using the deleted file recovery application is also one of the most prominent ways to recover deleted photos from WhatsApp. Whereas, the EaseUS MobiSaver application and the dr.fone application are among the most famous Android applications that managed to achieve tremendous success in recovering deleted photos and conversations from the WhatsApp application.

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In order to do this, the phone must have root powers in order for the application to work efficiently and then produce effective results, as these applications are not free, and they are based on the same idea of ​​computer recovery programs that search for every file that was deleted from the phone memory or external memory And you start by showing it to the user.

An important step to recover photos in “WhatsApp”

It should be remembered that the only real way to guarantee that you can recover deleted photos from “WhatsApp” is by making a backup copy; As the “WhatsApp” application does not keep the chat history on its servers; This is probably because it is end-to-end encrypted, which means that you cannot contact the company to recover photos or files that have been permanently deleted from it.

Therefore, once the photos are deleted, the only way to recover them is through the backup file that was saved on the phone or on the personal cloud account; As the “WhatsApp” application automatically saves messages and conversations in the phone’s memory; Because it backs up every day at four o’clock in the morning.

Hence, it is clear that without a backup copy, even deleted photos can be recovered from the popular instant messaging application “WhatsApp”; Because recovery apps really can’t make deleted photos reappear out of nowhere; This is probably the main reason why it is important to back up everything beforehand; In order to avoid data loss.

“WhatsApp” application

“WhatsApp” is a messaging application that allows users to send messages, chat, and share media, including voice and video messages, with individuals or groups. It is used by more than 450 million monthly users, the majority of whom are from Europe, India, and Latin America, in addition to Arab countries.

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It is the most famous application among the instant messaging applications for smartphones, and it is now under the ownership of Meta Company, which owns the “Facebook and Instagram” application, and this application can be downloaded on all smart phone devices, whether (Android or iPhone), and it can also be downloaded on Mac and Windows computers. .