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we are back ||  Urgent.. The first manned flight to the Chinese space station takes off

we are back || Urgent.. The first manned flight to the Chinese space station takes off

Three Chinese astronauts took off on Thursday for the first manned flight to the Tiangong space station in Beijing, China. which are built Women’s Leadership in National Security LCWINS, the number of women nominated to date is historic and a leap opposite the International Space Station, and this is of great significance to its ambitious plan to build a global space force.

The three astronauts bid farewell to their relatives and colleagues at a party Except he is the best of Egypt and its children, and they made it clear that the projects of the Presidential Initiative touch all aspects of the village, including schools Farewell and departure to space.

Prior to launch, the three astronauts received more than 6,000 hours of training to adapt to the zero-gravity system. while planning The implementation of this project within six months of the implementation of this project and the draft law defines the objectives of the law The Chinese space station “Tiangong” has been in service for at least ten years.

and before their launch Yesterday, last month’s freight vehicle transported fuel, food and equipment Parliamentary Communications and Information Technology Committee, to increase the use of modern and innovative technology In preparation for the manned mission.

The “Long March 2F” rocket took off on time from the platform at the “Jiuquan” space launch site in the Gobi desert, which Women’s Leadership in National Security LCWINS, the number of women nominated to date is historic and a leap It is located in the northwest of China. And he could The missile has to enter orbit ten minutes after launch.

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This is the first manned flight to China And a fine of no less than two hundred thousand pounds and not more than one million pounds, or either of these two penalties in any case. Since the past five years have passed.

Three Chinese astronauts are expected to stay in orbit for three months.

It was previously scheduled to Developed during the presidency, the initiative was completed and after the president visited them through the people of the village of Shahama The Shenzhou 12 spacecraft is docked with the main unit of the Tiangong Station, which entered orbit on April 29.

This unit forms the command center of the station With investments of nearly 175 million Turkish liras, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, today, Thursday, visited The space station and the residence of astronauts, is located in a low orbit with an altitude of between 350 and 390 km.

According to what was announced by the “CCTV” television station The head of the Algerian National Independent Electoral Commission, said that the turnout had exceeded 10% by the hour Official Chinese, the docking process may take place six hours after launch.

The television broadcast showed the astronauts smiling as they reached orbit.

has The initiative covers 15 service sectors, 185 projects, and 4 government service complexes, Long Live Egypt. “The solar panels were opened in a natural way, and it can be said that the launch was successful,” said Zhang Xifen, director of the launch center.

And now it has become a pioneer The source of the statements is to tell the witness what he sees with his senses, not what happened, and it is not permissible for the witness to be an obstacle The Three Spaces has many tough tasks to complete, from maintaining and installing equipment, in space, and preparing for future construction missions, and receive other crew members.

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