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We are not there. The World Cup is on our street corner

We are not there. The World Cup is on our street corner


The World Cup started, and the audience gathered from all sides, but for the first time, the Arab fans prevailed in the stands of the World Cup, unlike what was usual in the previous times during which our Arab teams qualified. On our street corner.


With every whistle blowing for a match played by one of the Arab teams, and with the images of the Arab public in general and the Egyptians in particular filling the stands of the World Cup, an old pain is renewed, summed up as why are we not there? Why is the Egyptian public not there, raising the flag of their country, why do the Egyptians encourage teams other than their country in this tournament?


A few months ago, the players of the Egyptian national team returned from defeat in the final of the African Championship, after which each returned to his team, and from the moment of their return, no one thought that we had an important and fateful match that would decide our qualification for the World Cup, so the players drowned in completing useless local tournaments until Al-Ahly and Zamalek players were consumed. Specifically, and after that came the nation’s call to find everyone exhausted, everyone out of his standard, everyone not in the best condition, and the result was that we lost again to Senegal, so that the dream of qualifying for the World Cup for the second time in a row was lost.


I was born in 1990. Of course, I did not watch the World Cup that was held this year in Italy, which means that I only saw my country’s national team in the World Cup once orphanly, and who knows when this participation will be repeated, but what I know is that football is not impossible, that is why it pushed me The pain that screamed in my heart to remember why we are not there, we are not there because we do not plan what we want, we play football and in the middle things other than football creep in, between the fanaticism of officials of the two largest clubs in Egypt, or quarrels over conflicts of interest.

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I said to my friends after the defeat from Senegal, and I repeat once again, we have no alternative but to catch up with the train of modern football. Some people imagine that he walks in the pavilion, and that we are aware that the audience’s return to the stands and financial benefit is important. This is science, and stadium management is also a science. Everything in football is subject to science, starting from planning to export football players abroad and reaping profits from their presence in European clubs, all the way to selling T-shirts A flag that must have a plan, targets, monitoring and accountability for those who do not achieve what is required of it, especially since we have been and still are the greats of this continent “Africa” in football, not to fall behind in catching up with the train they preceded us to, which is football in its modern and institutional form.