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We are still confused, there are still figures who rely only on rejection like the president, Simone Benek thinks

We are still confused, there are still figures who rely only on rejection like the president, Simone Benek thinks

We do not know what awaits us in the world, he agrees. “I really want big powers like China, the European Union, Russia and the United States to simply agree at the level of the UN Security Council, but it has not succeeded,” he admits on Personality Plus.

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In this context, he refers to the experience of people in need from Syria. “We have been working there for ten years, and for nine years Western nations have tried to implement a no-fly zone over Syria in the Security Council. At all times, China and Russia have vetoed it in every project.”

Nevertheless, the Lord believes that both parties can accept certain rules.

“Under communism, it seemed impossible to negotiate, but in a bipolar world there was some sort of agreement between the United States and the Soviet Union. Now I think there is a chance. However, it is important not to give up because the world is safe for ordinary people. We hope the search comes, “he says.

Europe is learning to be very active

According to observers, Lukashenko forced a civilian plane and tried to fly as far as he could. EU leaders immediately agreed to punish Belarus. “Europe is learning to be very active,” says Panek.

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According to him, an integrated European foreign policy would be a very strong voice. He does not have the military strength of the United States, but he is not an inferior player.

“Weakness, it is difficult to find consensus again and again, bilateral relations, sentiments and sometimes even economic interests throw sand into it. I want it to be that way, “he said.

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Precisely, as the world becomes less predictable and therefore more dangerous, Europe must respond quickly, clearly, and with unity.

“The forcible landing of a civilian plane in Minsk is a blatant case, and it is the only country in Belarus that has no economic and geopolitical implications and ambitions. God forbid they find us in orbit, so I’m very worried about what will happen, “he admits.

The community in chaos

Before the election of the Czech president in 2018, Benek declared that the Czech community was in a crisis. Currently, according to him, the seizure continues.

“We are a little more stunted. We see figures mobilizing and rejecting because of the level of political representation. Lack of vision, without a positive outlook on the future. By this, for example, President Milos Zeman. Or very popular or weak figures,” he explains.

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In general, the economic crisis, which began in 2008, is said to have been the most dangerous in the developed world for the past 10 years.

“She is worried about the future. It does not apply to everyone and everywhere, but we see such uncertainty as to what will happen in many places in general. , This is Brexit and this is the dictionary of populists in many countries, including calls for greater attention, turning inward for national interests, ”he explains.

In times like these, people need leaders who they believe will be positive. “When they have leaders who add insecurity, they create a sense of danger, and then they say, ‘Choose me, I will protect you.’ We have seen this very bluntly in our country. On the contrary, when Angela Merkel simply performs and promises to rule the future for most Germans, ”concludes Eamon Beneck.

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