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Oslavy Velikonoc.

We bring you spring and spring winter holidays ideas for this year

In the past year, we have made various decisions, talking about discipline and determination to help all those who stand on the front lines against the invisible enemy. Even today, we look with respect and admiration at the doctors and medical staff in our hospitals and all members of the rescue services and authorities, who try to protect us from supernatural danger with miraculous efforts. The situation last Easter strengthened our politicians ’position, but year after year some of their speeches began to resemble the pursuit of electoral preferences. Perhaps it is these tendencies that make many people feel insecure and distrust and create a space for information clutter to thrive.

Socially beneficial decisions and expressions of humility against the outbreak of the epidemic are gradually disappearing from our minds, and in their place is the search for the culprits who restrict our imaginary freedom. We might have been a little surprised, but let’s realize that life is the most precious gift we’ve ever received, but we forget that it is in fact the only offer they’ve only given us. Everyone will have the day they’ll have to return it. At least this spring, let us realize that it wouldn’t be bad at all to take care of this gift in our personal possession for as long as possible. Why am I writing this? Surely you all have noticed that Covid is full of excitement and is expanding its collection of human sacrifices with great zeal. Do you want to be his new showroom?

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When we think about the often deep legal subconscious of some of our citizens, they cry more than others, over a bewildering jungle of laws on every little thing, and they add to this cumbersome and often cumbersome bureaucracy that often counterproductive to nearly everything we encounter every single day every day. . Life is indeed our moral imperative to participate in fighting the virus with a heavy dose of prudence and discipline. Let us understand those who are fighting our invisible “friend” and let us try to tolerate some of the mistakes they can make in this unequal struggle. They don’t have it easy.

During Easter, we often hear criticism of government decisions, such as the closing of malls and stores on Good Friday. In an effort to find fault with others, critics have not realized that Good 2016 has been a national holiday since 2016. All public holidays in the Czech Republic are also holidays. (Official holidays are stipulated in Law No. 245/2000 Coll. – Law of Official Holidays, Other Holidays, Important Days and Public Holidays). So let’s consider whether the conclusion of a trade, even with the contribution of government action, can be considered a serious violation or even a restriction of human freedom or democracy. The fact that the number of visitors to our stores increased by about 70% on Saturday even more can be seen as a manifestation of gambling. Let’s compliment our traders despite the large number of buyers, they manage to handle everything and adhere to strict hygiene procedures.

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I feel it would be more appropriate to watch for more damage the epidemic has done to our schools. The admiration not only of the teachers but also of the parents is due to the admiration for the handling of difficulties in the current education of the pupils. We often hear different proposals to solve the graduation exams for our high school students. But when we think about today’s situation, don’t you feel that Covid disease is actually a test of the maturity of the entire society and perhaps our civilization? The loser on the high school diploma has a compensation option and will usually get it after the leave anyway. He is not shy about reform and often leaves the exam with the words “I have it in my pocket”.

But how will the maturity test for our society end? It is evident from the speeches of some citizens that there are still quite a few spoiled people among us with the utmost requirements and the least amount of responsibility. Will they manage this graduation? Covid definitely won’t give them any chance to fix it. Let’s keep in mind that the current stressful situation evokes moments that awaken in us our worst and most beautiful qualities. Which will be more beneficial to our future? Let’s think about ourselves, dust last year’s decisions in our minds, and let us respect each other.

Richard Shavik