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We cannot ‘finish’ the partygate scandal with the Prime Minister-UK opposition

Khair Stormer says Prime Minister Boris Johnson is the first law-breaker to be in office

Labor leader Khair Stormer has backed his party’s focus on violating Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s locking rules. In an interview with the BBC on Sunday, the Prime Minister said that Johnson’s party was “equally fed up with its leader”.The power to lead the country by fire. “

In an interview with the BBC on Sunday, Labor leader Khair Stormer backed his party’s focus on violating Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s locking rules. The politician argued that Johnson’s party was equally tired of its leader, the Prime Minister. “The power to lead the country by fire. “

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Most Britons want the Prime Minister to go – the referendum

Stormer noted that Labor Johnson’s abuses alone cannot be covered up.They will break the law – criminal law at that time. Never before in the history of our country has any Prime Minister been found to have violated the law in office. I think we can not pass it up.

Johnson’s personal partyYou don’t really want to protect him because they are tired of defending what is unacceptableStormer continued, echoing the words of Conservative MP William Wroc, who recently issued a letter of no confidence in Johnson’s leadership.

Stormer also argued that Johnson’s own party was turning against him, and that some senior Conservative MPs, including Mark Harper and Steve Baker, had called for his ouster. Harper told the Prime Minister specifically.No value“To fill the position, Baker publicly asked Johnson to step down last week.”Feast.

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Johnson admitted that he had already attended the controversial and illegal rally in May 2020, but insisted that he still believe in the event described in his calendar.Social Dissociation Drinks“, It”Work event.“However, it is not yet clear how much he was fined or punished for the incident. At least one person has been notified of a fine related to a standard party, although Johnson was not fined 10 Downing revealed Sunday.

The Metropolitan Police declined to say how many fines were imposed on the party until after the election in May. Meanwhile, many in Johnson’s party are fighting to distance themselves from him, fearing that the scandal could affect the next referendum. “The broom will be better than what we have nowA lawmaker jokingly said that no leader would be better than the corrupt Johnson.

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However, Conservative co-chairman Oliver Dowden has come to Johnson’s defense.He is a very strong argument for being in office. “Got to the Prime Minister”Those big calls are real“Led”True power and determinationDowden stressed that there would be a change of leadership at this pointLoved this country. “