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We cannot sit with people who betray us

We cannot sit with people who betray us

After the tension in the relationship between The political component and the military component In the country, stressed Chairman of the Sovereignty Council in Sudan, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan However, the armed forces are the most eager to protect the transitional phase in the country, stressing that it is not possible to negotiate with parties that betray the military establishment.

And he said during a speech he delivered today, Sunday: We will withdraw from the political scene after the elections in Sudan.

He also indicated that the armed forces are very keen to move to the democratic stage, and are committed not to allow the revolution to be overthrown. He explained that the military is not a partisan institution, adding at the same time that it is a guardian of the security of the Sudanese people.

parties betray us

In addition, he refused to sit with political parties that betray the security forces, saying that he refuses to negotiate with parties with dual loyalty.

He also stressed that no one can intimidate the armed forces in Sudan. He stressed the military establishment’s keenness to work for real change, calling for elections to be held on time.

In addition, he said: “There are some parties that do not want to hold elections in the country, and are afraid of them.”

It is noteworthy that Al-Burhan recorded last Wednesday a clear blame on the government and politicians in the country, blaming them for the fragmentation that occurred, and indirectly, the failed coup attempt that took place last Tuesday.

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He also considered at the time that the slogans of the revolution were lost between the struggle for positions, stressing that the security forces are protecting the transitional phase in the country.

During the past few days, statements escalated between the military establishment in the country and the political component, against the background of blaming responsibility for the deteriorating living and economic conditions in the country.

The two sides exchanged critical statements, which revealed clear divisions between the parties to the transitional phase in the country.