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Vaříme s Romanem - recept 28. 5.

We cook with Roman: a recipe against food waste, you can master it in 15 minutes

Roman Stasa’s regular Friday breakfast cooking with Nova will bring the crowd traditional and sometimes unconventional recipes. This time it was a less common recipe. MasterChef was preparing french fries with cream cheese in front of the cameras. You can find the full recipe Here.

According to Roman, this dish is perfect for leftovers. “The important thing is that it’s very simple. You wake up in the morning, you have a cat like crazy, you go do it, you have great food in 15 minutes and it’s even better,” Roman outlined the path of The Next Morning A socially demanding evening.

Roman claims TV Nova viewers can eat french fries within fifteen minutes. “We soak the potatoes in water before frying so that there is no starch. There is no need to be afraid of soaking them, they will not soften and there will be no dung,” says the chef. You will learn how to properly make French fries according to Master Chef In the video here.

Roman also showed the audience how to prepare cream from cream and cottage cheese. A salad of parsley and hot pepper was also mixed. Take a look at how to make delicious cream cream in the video.

Plus, this recipe is from his new cookbook called Matla, which marks winner MasterChef. The book will take you through the dishes, along with the story of Roman Staša. “She is not just an ordinary cook, she is the story of my life. I’ve added some recipes for every period of my life,” Roman explained.

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You can find the full breakfast with Nova on the video portal Voice. And if you want to be inspired by other Romanian dishes for breakfast, you can find it at Nova Plus.