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We deserve to beat Lebanon by six goals

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The Portuguese coach, Carlos Queiroz, the coach of the Egyptian national team (Pharaohs), expressed his happiness at the victory of his team at the expense of Lebanon 1-0, in the first round of the fourth group competitions of the Arab Cup, which is currently being held in Qatar.

Queiroz said in a press conference on Wednesday: “I am happy with what we did today. Present it.”

He added, “I do not think that this conference is to talk about organization, we must show our respect to the players, today’s match is over and we will start thinking about the upcoming matches.”

“We have to focus on our work, in any case, everything is fine and everything is going well, and the most important thing is the presence of the public,” he explained.

He continued, “We are developing and improving from one game to another. I am happy with the performance of all the players in today’s match, whether they have the ball or without it. We played a good match, and I would like to congratulate the players for what they did, whether defensively or offensively, as well as the Lebanese national team for the fighting spirit that they did.” play the match”

The fourth group includes the teams of Egypt, Sudan, Lebanon and Algeria, and the first round started today, Wednesday, where Egypt beat Lebanon 1-0 and Algeria beat Sudan 4-0.

The Egyptian team will meet its Sudanese counterpart next Saturday in the second round of this group, while the Algerian and Lebanese teams will meet on the same day.

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The group matches will conclude with the Egyptian and Algerian teams meeting next Tuesday. The Sudanese and Lebanese teams will also meet on the same day.