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“We did not receive a response.” A new statement from Jordan regarding the gender of the Iranian player

“We did not receive a response.” A new statement from Jordan regarding the gender of the Iranian player

The Jordan Football Association issued a statement regarding the verification of the gender of the goalkeeper of the Iranian women’s team.

The text of the statement stated: In sympathy with what is being circulated in the media and the reactions, including the transmission of false information about the Federation’s request for a fair and transparent investigation by the Asian Confederation to verify the “gender” of one of the Iranian team players, after their match with the women’s national team within The Asian Cup qualifiers, the Federation affirms its adherence to all its rights, and would like to clarify the following:

The Jordan Football Association has not yet received an official response from the AFC about the results of the investigation request.

The Federation respects the personal privacy of everyone, which prompted it not to specify the name of a particular player, or her position, or what it explicitly refers to, or the content, in order to preserve confidentiality, privacy and avoid defamation, unlike what is circulated by some media outlets.

He added in the statement: The procedure presented by the federation comes to guarantee the rights of the Jordanian team participating in the tournament, and within what was guaranteed by the instructions of the tournament itself.

He continued: The Federation renews its pride in the various local, Arab and international media, hoping at the same time, to be accurate in reporting the news, in order to avoid spreading incomplete or misleading information that distorts the true image of a routine procedure in football, and takes it to subjective dimensions that may affect or offend people or teams. , or other institutions.

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On Tuesday, the media and social networking sites reported that the guard of the Iranian women’s team, Zahra Qadi, had requested a huge financial compensation of one million dollars as a result of the psychological harm inflicted on her, and the bullying that occurred to her after the Jordanian Federation asked her Asian counterpart to verify her gender, and make sure That she is not a male, which was denied by Jordanian media, as confirmed by the Jordan News Agency, that the Jordan Football Association has not yet received from its Asian counterpart any response to the request to verify the gender of the Iranian goalkeeper.