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We do not agree on the question of one or more types of meat for Voic or Manelka

Jan Voijk talks about football and meat

When do you go to lkai?
Unless I forbid prevention at the dentist, I don’t even remember the last time I was. About a teenager when I got shot in soccer. The approach to life and health plays a big role in a hunter. When we understand certain principles and consistency, it is necessary to follow them and the body will not have a cause for illness.

Who does not know your field?
Functional medicine requires people to be able to see their lives from the perspective, and to look at them from above. People from popular medical specialties and those who use them often have healthy women. It’s definitely not everyone’s room. Many people do not have any meaning, but I know that those who have a positive opinion will increase.

How often do you play football?
Not right. In recent years I’ve been going to the World Championships, and during the year we’ve always had a few get-together. Otherwise, soccer isn’t too bad. I take care of myself below, but you are just for fun. I go for a walk, sit on the bike, do tennis, badminton, or ski.

Jean Voijk

Jean Fogg

He worked as an orthopedist at the University Hospital of Olomouc, but he respected e tonen ono, so he went to the Endala clinic in Prague. There he dedicates functional medicine to replace the actual staples of disease. The lever acts as a guide in relation to the patient. He played tempting football and, for Sigma Olomouc, he joined several rounds of competition. Kind of book will be published in June.

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What do you like about SV?
I am very introverted and rational type. She, on the other hand, is open-minded and has a lot of fights, which is a big step towards goal, but at the bottom with a feminine feel. All this in n mm rd too. I admire how it is stuffed and how it can be charged and disassembled. And also how to take care of us.

Do you disagree with them?
For a long time, we have one darkness, that is, one or more flesh. Jga often follows the path of vegetarians and vegans. A woman does not feel that she needs meat. I had my time and was worried it was going to hurt herself. But we respect each other.

How do you wake up?
We dream that we do not restrict ourselves, nor hold on to our dreams, but, on the contrary, support ourselves in their completeness. Rka dreamed of a jgy tournament in Italy. He paid a lot of pensions, for me that meant caring for your daughter for a week, but that was important to her, so we agreed she was going. Again, when writing a cute book, I often went to Prague on Prague weekends, where I was totally calm. I think that’s how a healthy partnership should work.

How i was born
Dll spamper. I know how to make sure Emice sets boundaries, because I think basically she should come from you. But as those borders darkened, I became very sweaty. I consider myself born, which I try to notice, at the same time twenty limits and do not bind much between them.

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Rka Voykov about children and exercise

How did you meet?
I worked in the reception of the Indala Clinic and he peeked at me. Every time I climbed the stairs, I could see my eyes looking at my back. He packed it for me, although he would say with certainty that it was the opposite. We always argue a little about this.

Rka Voykov

Jean Fogg

The first book in the Mother’s Diary was released, which describes how life changed after her first birth. This is her second book, the first entitled Denkmodern jognky. In the center of Prague, she runs the Jgovna studio, where she also leads lessons. I graduated from nursing school as a dietetic nurse. With Tmu Tletoudcer’s husband, he’s now Emu all over again.

Co manel a jga?
For me it is a wonderful jog, but on the same level. He doesn’t practice jga on grammar, as he’s known by most of us. He did that for a while, but then he got old. From my point of view I sleep. At the same time with the mind is a big trot. It reminded me of my father.

Are you the same?
We both have some loneliness, we can work alone or you will be old. It is very important to both of us and we can dedicate it to each other and to the other. Let’s not have to go every minute together.

What is vm in nm lb?
How kindness, restlessness, calmness and development. He doesn’t react like J. I’m coming out with emotion. He thinks quietly.

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How much do you want dinars?
I always thought I’d have you. But now I have my first trimester as to mane, let’s stay with two. Anyway, I never wanted anyone. Emma is very social, friendly and outgoing. He loves people and people and has an incredible amount of energy. Let’s see what our type of dt would be. Manel Uniqueness, Yoret Cladding. So I am curious.


What is its relationship with India?
Very positive. Years ago, I went there to learn JGA and then went back there regularly every year, not for the first time. I lived in the past, and while I was reading there, I learned that I had a relationship with this country. I have a lot of bugs, I’m black, and I’ll be back there again.

How often do you exercise?
I didn’t train at all for the first trimester because I was so ill. I had the same thing during my first pregnancy. I couldn’t even shake my head. But during my first pregnancy, I didn’t immediately wake up on the carpet after the first trimester, because I wasn’t accepting it. Yin was and I was training every day.

How does the studio work?
Dlme tutorials online. At first I didn’t want it, but then I started some lessons from abroad lessons online. Suddenly I saw in her the possibility of being with them, and it didn’t drink that weird to me. Many people around Juveni share the same feelings.