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We do not solve.  The Penny series showed how much merchandise will disappear from the shelves

We do not solve. The Penny series showed how much merchandise will disappear from the shelves

“In a few years, ten thousand beekeepers have increased in the Czech Republic, and this is good. On the one hand, it is a hobby, but at the same time we need a “tamed” landscape. “At the same time, we need a “tamed” landscape,” said Minister of Agriculture Zdenek Nikola, who has been keeping bees for years and cares With 61 beehives, if there weren’t enough bees, there would have been few pollinated trees, and so there would be little fruit.

The minister also estimated that beekeepers receive a contribution of one hundred million kronor from the local budget and another sixty from the EU budget. According to the minister, in the coming years, within the framework of the new support period for the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy, it should be around 110 million additional kroner each year.

“As a beekeeper, I am well aware of the contribution of bees to nature and other types of animals and plants. It can also be expressed in numbers. About 84 percent of plant species and 76 percent of food production depend on bee pollination. Agriculture Minister Zdenek Nikola (KDU-ČSL) added If we compare these numbers with other European countries, then we are among the most domesticated countries in Europe.

The situation is worse in the world, the decline of bee colonies is essential. “According to studies, more than fifty percent of bee colonies worldwide have died in the past twenty years. This is affected, for example, by climatic changes, severe drought or overuse,” said Jens Krieger, CEO of the Benny chain in the Czech Republic. Chemicals in pursuit of the highest possible agricultural returns.He created a program to support bee colonies and decided to show what a grocery store would look like without the activity of bees.

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So, for one day, the Uhřínevs removed from their store in Prague all the products that could not be produced and that people would not be able to buy if there were no bees in the world. 60% of the products normally offered have disappeared from the store. And so the store presented almost empty shelves. Strong alcohol remained, but was missing, for example, bechirovka, which could not do without herbs pollinated by bees, or cakes with poppy seeds. Likewise, the meat in the herbal marinade was missing.

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Products containing honey, as well as products that are pollinated by bees, or products that were not on the list because they contain these products, have disappeared from the supermarket display.

“First of all, we set a certain limit, when it is not possible to produce or produce a certain product in a certain formula or taste. Then we reviewed the composition of thousands of products. As a result, we eliminated sixty percent of the products from the offer for that day. It is not just fruit or vegetables or products containing honey, but also oils, pastries, spices, sweets, flavored dairy products, jams, juices, and a number of other products including cotton products.” Peter Bowdish.

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