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“We don’t control anything.” There was a mess in the fast food, in the restaurants the employees were not interested in the history of the test work

“Everyone has had it so far. We were even surprised that people were ready for it and often showed us the certificate of infection without prompting,” said a waiter at a popular Czech restaurant in Palmovka in Prague when the server asked him if they should show any of the guests. Outside. At lunchtime, the restaurant was almost fully occupied, and the waiters were checking all the guests’ COVID documents.

A new government regulation requires restaurants to check vaccinations or tests...
From Monday, new regulations are in place, according to which the guest must prove that he is free of infection ...

But all they had to do was show them an email from the test center, as the date wasn’t visible. The test result was 14 days old. The server editor had a valid confirmation with her at the time.

The visit was similar at a popular restaurant on Vinohrady Street in Prague, where new waiters will serve the menu only to people who have confirmation that they have been vaccinated, have a valid negative test or have had the Covid virus in the past six months. But they never checked the date again.

It should be noted that if the guest proves with an old assertion or does not meet the rules in another way, he must take into account possible penalties. However, the restaurant operator is also responsible for non-compliance with the regulations, as well as if he leaves a guest on the premises without any confirmation. “The highest penalty is up to three million, but in reality it is awarded by the thousands,” Ministry of Health spokesman Daniel Koppel told Only hygienists and police officers can share it.

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Tests have been shortened since 1 November. The new PCR test is valid for 72 hours instead of a week, so the antigen can be recognized in just one day instead of the original three. While the date check is critical to employee testing, so that the company is not fined for a potential hygiene check, restorers are not responsible for the authenticity of the certificates.

However, in some companies, they have not bothered to control the Covid documents. Although, for example, on the door of an unnamed Vietnamese restaurant in Palmovka in Prague, a notice board warns its guests that they will not be allowed into the pub without fulfilling the conditions, the practice appears to be more moderate. No less than ten new people crowded in the narrow corridor and at the bar, who order food at the bar and are already waiting for food at the table. However, none of them had to provide evidence of infection to the restorer.

“Nobody wants anything and I will definitely not be reminded. I don’t agree with that. It’s all nonsense,” emphasized one of the guests waiting for lunch. When asked if he met the conditions, he answered with a smile and shook his head dismissively.

Mess in the shopping center

Guests can check in after sitting at the table, but before ordering. If people only choose food, there is no need to prove it. However, the new regulation also applies to fast food in malls where people are sitting. However, chaos prevailed in this regard during the first day.

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“We don’t control anything, security guards are around the tables here,” a McDonald’s employee at the Atrium Flora shopping center in Chekhov, Prague, told But the addressee security employee is soon surprised and says that he has nothing like that in his job description, so he doesn’t. It also refers to the dashboard, which invokes the new rules as soon as they enter the dining area.

However, confusion over the new regulation is mounting just a few meters away. The operator at a nearby KFC thinks the rules don’t apply yet, and he’s allegedly not even instructed to check anything. During the Monday lunch break, the tables are almost full and there is a queue of several people waiting for their lunch at each fast food window.

Unreasonable rules come from a seated UGO salater operator to Peter Mašat, who makes sure guests have confirmation of the tables in his corner. However, if people take their food a few meters away to an open dining hall, no one will check it.

“Our tables are a bit separate and we are not part of the dining area, and the information is conflicting. Plus, it gets delayed because people have been looking for it on the phone for a long time. When customers go to buy clothes or shoes, they don’t have to get tested or vaccinated. At the time Same, there are also too many people and sometimes for too long,” he wonders how it is possible that people only have to show up at restaurants.

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