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"We had to be honest with ourselves"

“We had to be honest with ourselves”

Xbox chief Phil Spencer has discussed his regret at the original announcement of Halo Infinite as an Xbox Series X/S launch game, saying his team had to be honest with themselves about whether the game was ready to come and go.

talk to British GQSpencer looked back at the original Halo Infinite game show, which was shown and delayed shortly after, “I don’t like the way we did it. I don’t like that we showed off the game, and talked about releasing it when the consoles launch. And then within a month, we moved it.

Spencer added that the decision to delay Halo Infinite a few months before its scheduled launch was not an attempt to fool anyone: “We should have known that up front and be honest with ourselves. We weren’t there out of disappointment, but out of…hope. I don’t think hope is a great development strategy.

The delay lasted more than a year, but the first signs were that the wait was worth it. After a hands-on campaign, we said that “most of our concerns about the long-awaited spiritual reboot of Master Chief are gone.” Meanwhile, a technical preview of the multiplayer mode left us very excited.

So Craig – Brutal, funny, even on the quality of the original Halo Infinite visuals – now seen as a positive end-game factor. Developer 343 explained that Craig “was one of the factors that allowed more time to finish the job and bring the Brutes to a place where the team would be happy with them. C’ is one of the many positive examples of 343 work and alignment with the Halo community about expectations.

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We’ve got plenty of Halo Infinite as part of the month-long IGN First, from unlocking the limited-edition console, to revealing one of the new villains, to information on how the multiplayer mode handles combat passes.

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