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We have already entered this crisis as a sick community, believes Tomas Chapek of MSF

We have already entered this crisis as a sick community, believes Tomas Chapek of MSF

The risk of developing depression and suicidal thoughts in the community has increased over the past 12 months. This is despite the fact that the causes of these diseases are gradually changing.

“In the beginning it was the fear of the unknown, of the unknown disease. However, over time, as we were used to, the situation changed to the effect of those restrictive measures. Some problems are also consequences of isolation,” says Höschl.

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Writer and traveler Joseph Furmanek comments: “I have heard cases of people who are not used to living together very intensely and whose marriage is now leading to divorce.” The submarine illness that some people feel locked in their apartments is a major stress factor.

“We simply knew it at the time. This goes hand in hand with submarine illness and drinking at home. We will see the effect of that on real suicide,” Höschl does not dare to appreciate at the moment, adding:

“In any case, the reasons include a loss of contact and a constant source of bad news. This is a lot of pressure.”

The increase in domestic violence goes hand in hand with submarine illnesses and domestic drinking. We’ll see what effect this has on suicide.

Cyril Hochel

Moving away from the ongoing COVID-19 news can be one way to improve your current mental state.

Writer and traveler Joseph Formank

“My wife and I have agreed that only one of us should watch TV every day and inform others of what is happening. We will live for ourselves and our family. We don’t have to watch this show anymore. Only one of us will say if something important happens,” adds one of the tips on how Protecting ourselves from the flow of negative news, Formánek.

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Young people do not decide for themselves

Mary Salomonova

Mary Salomonova, Do Not Release the Soul director, recalls the younger generation’s concerns:

“We have very little knowledge about the conditions of people under the age of eighteen. Their lives are affected as well, but they cannot decide for themselves. And at this age group, the effect seems to be just as strong, maybe worse.”

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He warns against underestimating the mental state of children. “You don’t have to have three real estate loans and two divorces in a row to have a scar on your soul. Mental health is not necessarily related to what is happening to us from the outside. At first, it was very surprising to watch people gather, which can be depicted by stitching a veil.” … But gradually it became clear that everyone’s energy was running out, “says Salomon, who focuses on working with children and teens.

Inability to talk to each other

According to the surgeon Tomash Shebek, who has worked on a number of Médecins Sans Frontières overseas missions, we are at a crossroads where we must decide which path to take:

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“It is good to have experts describing disease. But there has to be some balance in society. There has to be consensus about whether we want a physically healthy but mentally destructive society. Or if we want something I’ll call it all in moderation.”

He sees the problem not only in the current situation, but also in something that has its roots much earlier. “We simply learned that at the time. We take antidepressants instead of talking. This often compensates for our inability to communicate. I would like to find in ourselves once again the ability to eliminate our need for the environment,” says Shipek.

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I would like to start treating health into health. We mainly deal with the system.

Tomash Shebek

Psychiatrist Hochschle is more cautious in this assessment: “Antidepressant consumption is on the rise. On the other hand, there are still a lot of people who should be entitled to it and not. It is true that we are sorely lacking in communication, but we cannot imagine that depression is just that. Thing. And they will pass when we talk. “

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As in the case of physical health, prevention is indispensable in mental health care. “I would like to start healing mainly in health. We are dealing mainly with the system. We live in the form that the doctor heals. I would like, as a doctor, to help people maintain their health,” admits Shibek and adds:

“In the Czech Republic, we are concerned about our health on our tails. We would prefer to start swallowing a handful of medicines within sixty years in order to live a miserable and agonizing life for another twenty years.”

System and order

The typical problem that children and adults face is the loss of daily routine and the resulting loss of motivation and appetite for work.

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“The beginning of the solution to this problem is to rebuild her daily routine. I recommend setting the exact time to wake up and when the person goes to bed,” Salomon advises where to start.

Manual work can help, too. “It is also important that we find ourselves useful, that we can do something for others. We can also start a garden, do something manually. In short, not just sitting at home and not giving in to despondency and lethargy, but to do something that makes me perfect and I’ll see a piece of work,” agrees Sandra Celna, pastor of the Czechoslovakian obsessive church.

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It is important that we find that we are helpful, and that we can do something for others.

Sandra Selena

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“We simply knew it at the time. It was even published by the World Health Organization. It involves communicating, communicating, and communicating – at least outside with friends and family. And if you can’t, write, call. Then in reality keep this daily routine. But you should.” Not to exaggerate it so that the person does not end up with obsessive-compulsive disorder, “as psychiatrist Hochschl says with a slight exaggeration and continues:

“Then there’s the movement – obviously exercise is an antidepressant.”

Jan Bumba’s guests on Debate Plus are:
Cyril Hochel
, Psychiatrist and outgoing director of the National Institute of Mental Health (NÚDZ)
Tomash ShebekA surgeon and MSF collaborator
Sandra Selena, Pastor of the Czechoslovakian obsessive Church
Mary Salomonova, Director of Do Not Release the Soul
Joseph Formanick, clerk

At the same time, one does not have to exercise only in closed fitness centers or in stadiums where relatively strict epidemic control measures are still in place.

“You can do sports anywhere. In Afghanistan, it was possible to climb a Sněžka or run a marathon in one of the barracks. You can do sports today – it could be a brisk thirty-minute walk,” says Doctor Tomash Shebek.

Hear the unusual debate that took place between Jean Bomba and his guests. Together, they also discuss how the children perceive the situation, for whom the epidemic has affected a much longer part of their lives, or why the strict measures are counterproductive as a result.