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We have restored strategic positions in Al-Bayda

We have restored strategic positions in Al-Bayda

As the battles continue in Al-Bayda GovernorateOn Friday evening, the Yemeni army announced the restoration of strategic sites and heights in the governorate.

He said that losses occurred in the ranks of the Houthi militia in the vicinity of Al-Bayda as a result of the bombing of the coalition.

Kilometers away from the county center

The Yemeni army had confirmed earlier, today, Friday, that its forces are a few kilometers from the center of the Yemeni governorate.

Colonel Yahya Al-Hatami, Head of the Military Media Sector in the Yemeni National Army, told Al-Arabiya/Al-Hadath today, Friday, that the legitimate forces achieved great victories in Al-Bayda and liberated 8 districts, stressing that the entire process of retaking Al-Bayda is progressing steadily.

Ballistic bombing of civilians

He also confirmed that the Houthi militias have bombed civilians with ballistic missiles, after they incurred heavy losses during the past hours.

In addition, he announced that the army had recaptured some sites from the Houthis, east of Al-Bayda District, and the militias had incurred heavy losses in equipment and lives.

Members of the Yemeni army (archive – AFP)

counter attack

Simultaneously, the fighters of the Coalition to Support Legitimacy launched a series of raids, targeting the militia’s concentration sites in the Al-Daqiq area in the Dhi Naem district, west of Al-Bayda.

It is noteworthy that violent clashes erupted at dawn today on the Dhi Naem front, west of the city of Al-Bayda, after the Houthis attempted to launch surprise attacks, but they suffered heavy losses.

Field sources also reported to Al-Arabiya/Al-Hadath that 100 militia members were killed or wounded in Hazmieh.

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Military sources indicated that nearly sixty people were killed in the response of the Hazmieh resistance to the fiercest Houthi attack since dawn today.

The Yemeni army had announced 3 days ago the liberation of several areas in the governorate, including the Al-Adiya Al Mudhafar area and Wadi Mamdoud in the Al-Bayda District.

Members of the Yemeni army in Marib (AFP)

Members of the Yemeni army in Marib (AFP)

The importance of white

He also confirmed that his forces, backed by the popular resistance, will continue to advance towards the provincial capital, amid a mass escape of militia members.

It is noteworthy that the importance of Al-Bayda lies in the fact that it mediates 8 governorates, namely Marib, Shabwa, Abyan, Lahj, Al-Dhale’, Ibb, Dhamar and Sana’a, five of those governorates are “liberated”, from which progress is being made on the Al-Bayda fronts to liberate them and directly reach Sanaa and Dhamar.

It also includes 19 districts, and is located to the southeast of the capital, Sanaa, and it is one of the governorates that reject the Houthi militias, and there are local resistances in several districts that have been fighting the Houthis since 2015.